Saturday, April 1, 2017

happy birthday.

i watched as she took care of a husband who was not the kindest person, to say the least...addiction can do that to a person.  when he lost his mind to Alzheimers it was impossible to keep him at home anymore.  i watched her watch him walking down the hall of nursing home holding another woman's hand.  dumbfounded that she walked away without saying a word, my little kid mind didn't understand.  i do now.  she was tough. she made the right decisions without her emotions getting in the way.

she took me to all kinds of places while she sold avon.  upon reflection we visited the back rooms and offices of a dental office, construction company, dry cleaners, accountant, credit union, burger fast food restaurants, homes, girl scout office and more.  without knowing it, i was learning about how the world works. and, i was learning what i did not want to do with my life.  sometimes i wonder if this exposure made it easier for me to invest my everything into raising and homeschooling our family.

then, sadly, we watched as her body succumbed to Lou Gehrig's Disease.   first she couldn't walk, then feeding herself was impossible...she lost the ability to talk.  but, she never lost the sparkle in her eyes.  i only saw her cry once during this sad time.  her motto in life was, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  her sickness brought our family together all rallying around her bed, it was our turn to take care of her.

she used her days to display humility. strength. faith. love. patience. hard work. determination.  forgiveness. and so much more.  without preaching or scolding.  

today would have been her's funny to all of us that she was born on april fool's...she was always wanting to have fun and be part of a good joke.  but, towards the end of her life, she wanted to be remembered...don't we all?  i think we all want to leave our mark on the world, to say we accomplished something grand.

without a single doubt this woman did something remarkable with her life.  there is no way she will be forgotten.  her memory lives on every single day even after leaving the earth almost 17 years ago.  her legacy is in the hands of her kids and grandkids...what do we with it?  that is one tall order of french fries, my friends!

grandma...there are not enough words to express how much i esteem and love you.  how much my time with you meant. you know i am sorry for being stubborn and a trouble maker at times.  i love you a bushel and a peck and we will all see you soon!

now, let's go make some lemonade!

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  1. this is so precious, reminds us how life is so precious.


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