Monday, March 6, 2017

tell your story.

over the weekend we had the chance to visit Mansfield, MO where Laura wrote the Little House books.  and it all came back to me.

how important those books were to me while we lived in the mountains.  how one person's story gave me courage and strength to face living remotely in the mountains.  if laura can face potential dangers with indians than surely i can handle no restaurants and shopping {or people!}.  if laura's family could survive the hard winter than we can manage seeing our breath indoors in the morning.  if they get my point.  my friend and i joked about asking ourselves..."what would laura do?" when we found ourselves in certain situations but honestly, it wasn't a joke.

seeing where she lived...her furniture, tea kettle, dishes and nightgown among other items made her and her stories come alive.  to see where she wrote the books and to witness first hand the views she had out of her windows...just breathtaking.  

and, i wonder...

what is your story?  i know you have one.  we all do.  they are meant to be shared.  oh, i know we can't all write a best seller.  but, how about chatting with the forlorn person at the coffee shop and offering some encouragement?  or telling your friend about a dark part of your life when you know it will benefit them to hear?  our stories, our testimonies are meant to be shared.  and i'm so thankful laura chose to share hers.

in the museum i saw her typewriter with the quote: "The longest lives are short, it is our work that lasts longer."  

our story.

what is yours?

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  1. it is so good to see your post on here. you are so right we all have a story to share. maybe one day in God's time it will get told.


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