Thursday, October 23, 2014

adventure or nothing?

i don't know about you but i sure don't want my life to mean nothing.  the more i live the more i realize just how adventurous life can be! and how little i really know.

sweet pea is almost 5 months old...five months! we are all totally enamored by her.  it has been amazing to watch her sisters and brother step up to the plate and help around the house and put the baby's needs above their own!   mountain man and i are so proud of them!

we're going to try our hand at cloth diapering soon {hello adventure!} homemade wet wipes with lavender oil and some other ingredients are aromatic and wonderful!  and talk about economical and natural!

just today scout whipped up a lunch of things from our little homestead.  dandelion and egg salad, simmered green beans, toasted pecans and roasted radish greens...seriously it was amazingly good.  i told her if she kept that up she would be expected to cook everyday...she thinks i'm kidding...wink,wink.

we have been homeschooling using a My Father's World curriculum and busy working on character traits.  as i told the tech at the orthodontist office {boo got her braces off!} right now we are placing a big importance on learning to get along with people, work as a team  and understanding authority.  no thanks on raising really book smart kids who can not deal with conflict or know their place in the world.  i'm not saying book learning is not important but i think you catch my drift.

no doubt sweet pea will be crawling soon.  trooper is on "choking hazard" patrol where he scours the floors for no-no's.  he takes his job in protecting his sister very seriously.  just the other day we were driving down the street with the windows down and he yelled "roll the windows up!"  we all complied wondering what the fuss was and he said while relaxing, "someone was smoking and i didn't want the baby to smell the smoke."

the baby sits on my lap during meal time and chews her imaginary food right along with us.  that means we'll be making homemade baby food in a few more weeks.  she is full of giggles, smiles and everything sweet!  of course, trooper would argue that dirty diapers aren't so sweet...

scout is almost 12...that is an adventure for me in itself.  and this weekend is our 16th wedding anniversary!

our lives are full of adventure and i wouldn't want it any other way!  thank you Lord for our lives, love, family and these sweet children.  and yes, thank you for the adventures!


  1. Oh Mama I cannot believe how fast they grow up and how fast times fly. You are a wonderful Mom with a beautiful wonderful helpful loving family. What could be better than that? Well done everyone. HUG B

  2. Oh you guys are busy, and it sounds wonderful! Our life is much the same. Homeschooling, orthodontics, and livin' the country life <3

  3. Wow where has the time gone!!! Sweet Pea.... I love it!!... Sounds like you have an abundance of blessing go on!!... Take care....

  4. Your blog is a joy. Yes, life is truly an adventure and we never know what the next turn may be. Thanks for enjoying your adventures.

  5. I've been away from blogging so long, but tonight I have been up working on my blog and preparing for launching a new site, hopefully sooner than later! You came to mind so I thought I'd stop by. I see you haven't been here in a while. I hope all is well in your world.

  6. I have checked in on your blog every few months and was so happy to see your update! What a contented person you are! With such a busy life, it must feel freeing to have Him carry away parts of the old you! Bless you and your big family.


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