Friday, July 4, 2014


well...let's just say having a baby will certainly shake up your world!  sleep?  who needs it!  our new little princess has us all in love.  at just about 6 weeks old she is changing and growing keeping us all on our toes.  her smiles are the best!

she's had so many visitors and a friend of mine had meals delivered to us for two weeks after her birth...that was a huge blessing! her and the ladies at her church along with some friends of mine really showed us God's love in action! 

our lives have been busy and this weekend is no exception.  trooper is turning 7 {by the way, since he was the baby of the family with a real baby around it makes him seem HUGE!}  we ventured out to eat and the staff gave him an 'ol yee-haw along with a brownie & ice cream.

we have a trip to the lake planned and also a wedding this weekend...the girls are playing amazing grace.  see...i told ya...who needs sleep?!

boo turned 9 not too long ago.  she is an amazing big sister.  we are so proud of all of the sibs...the care and love they show their baby sister is precious!  we are blessed beyond measure!

happy 4th!



  1. Happy 4th to you. My your family has grown and 6 weeks already my oh my how time flies. I remember the no sleep thing. Oh enjoy this time with your family your beautiful family you are truly blessed and sleep will come eventually:) HUGS B

  2. Glad to know that everything is going so well! Looks like it's been a busy and blessed 6 weeks for your family.

  3. Congratulations to you and your family...a new baby is wonderful! I have been away from my bog for too long and completely missed all the news. We have a new Grandbaby coming in 5 weeks...been busy traveling back and forth helping the happy couple out! Have a wonderful day!!

  4. So good to see this post, aww your new little ones sounds amazing....and happy 9th birthday to boo.
    Blessings to your home and family


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