Monday, May 5, 2014

the baby...

is not here yet.  but, according to the midwife things look promising!  since this is a public blog i'll spare you the details but last week she said, "i'll see you next week whether it's to deliver the baby or for your next appointment!" yay!  so every time the kids and i go to the grocery store i'm always thinking it could be my last trip before the babe.  or i look at the expiration date on yogurt and think pre or post baby.  friends and family are texting.  basically, we all have baby on our minds!  

strangers stop look like you have a basketball under your shirt! {um...thanks?} look like your READY for that baby to come! { could say that!}  oh much longer? {too long!}  you are so little? {little? are you kidding me?!}

that picture of me and mountain man was taken after a baby shower at the end of april, so about 8/9 months along.  i realize you can't see the full spread of the belly but we measured for fun at it was at 41" and i've gained about 30 pounds. i'm not even sure who took the picture but my dad sent it to me after he saw it on instagram.  hmm...must have been my sneaky SIL or MIL, which i love dearly.

one of the baby showers theme was "bless the nest" so i made miniature nests filled with cadbury chocolate eggs for the favors.  it was so much fun!  the shower was a complete whirlwind of visiting, having the kids help open presents, eating etc.  you know how it goes. it's always fun to have friends and family all in one place!

at another shower the sex of the bun in the oven is not agreed upon so they opted for a yellow cake.  it was italian cream and yummy!  we are truly so blessed with wonderful people in our lives!

and spring wouldn't be spring { was in the 90's today in OK!} without chicks!!  aren't they cute?!  only...these aren't laying hens...they are broiler hens a.k.a. meat birds.  it took all i had not to cry after picking the sweet things up at the post office listening to their little peeps knowing that they would end up in our freezer.  i didn't say anything and sure enough one of the kiddos came into the house with huge tears..."i can't eat those chickens...!" 
my sentiments exactly but have you priced organic free range whole chickens at the store lately?  yikes!

so there you have it, a hodge podge of updates!  our may calendar is almost totally clear so we are waiting with expectation for this sweet bundle of joy.  

what's your or blue?  boy or girl?


  1. Oh Brooke you look beautiful I am sure everyone is so excited, what a wonderful bunch of friends and family you have. I think Trooper would like a little boy I have no idea why but that just popped into my head. I will be thinking of you. Hugs and prayers and more hugs. Xo Hug B

  2. beautiful Lady you are, even when your expecting. i have been praying for you..was glad to see this post. have a wonderful day.

  3. Boy.
    You look so lovely and content in that picture!

  4. Wow, this went fast, on my part, tht is. Hope all is well, blessings to you all as this wonderful time comes!


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