Thursday, May 22, 2014

the baby will "bee" here soon!

picture from last week: 40 weeks prego.  gained roughly 32 pounds.  this week: still very prego. 

the nursery area is ready.  the daddy & sibs are ready.  the birthing kit is ready.  family and friends are ready.  and the mama? i'm sure most of you can imagine.  

but, all in the Lord's time...He knows when He wants this sweet pea's birthday.

we have roughly 8,000 - 10,000 new friends.  the kids decorated the bee hive and it's now full of activity!!  these bees are friendly {just don't mess with them} and should produce honey next year.  it is in a place where we can keep on eye on things but not too close to the first after all.

and here is part of one of the gardens.  it was so peaceful to go out and water this morning while drinking my morning tea.  mountain man and the kids have worked very hard in it this year while i have supervised...wink, wink.  we're eating asparagus, strawberries and lettuce at the moment fresh from the soil.  looking forward to canning lots of green beans and having fresh tomatoes for all the wonderful summer tomato concoctions.

that's it in a nutshell.  i'm sure our home will be a beehive of activity soon when sweet pea arrives!!  maybe i should take a nap while i can!

love y'all!


  1. I do hope your napping:) Take care it looks like you have everything well under control. The best of everything to you, your baby and your family Brooke. HUGS B

  2. You look beautiful or should I say bee-utiful. =) Glad to know things are going well. The garden looks wonderful!

  3. Prego looks great on you, I am praying for you and sweet pea. Your garden looks great. We haven't even started planting. Blessings to your home.

  4. super exciting, praying for safe and good birth, oh these moments are one to cherish, you blessed girl!

  5. You and your garden look fabulous! Many blessings to you and your growing family.

  6. You look WONDERFUL!!!.... Can't wait to see the wee little one!!... Great Bee's......:)))

  7. How exciting! And, yes, you should take a nap while you can! :)

  8. Yes, you better get that nap while you can. Love to think of all of the delight that baby will bring to you and your family. Your garden is just beautiful. The bee hive is great. We haven't tried doing that yet… it is on our list of what we would like to do. I will look forward to seeing a post on honey next year.

  9. you were glowing back here! congrats on sweet baby girl! can't wait to keep reading about how awesome the early zombie tired stages are
    God is good!!!


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