Wednesday, April 16, 2014

35 weeks...and counting.

and believe me, i do mean counting.  the last month of pregnancy always makes me so excited to give birth.  not just because of the amazing miracle of life but to un-pregnant, you know?  to be able to wear clothes without panels and have people look at me in the eyes again instead of the belly.  strangers shake their head with sympathy and a smile as i waddle down the aisle.  it looks like i'm smuggling a watermelon out of the farmer's market.

i've had people in a friendly argument over the sex of the baby...not everyone is convinced it's a girl.  and don't get me started on "placenta brain" as someone at the midwife's office calls it!  even the kids have said, "well, don't give that to mama...she won't remember where she put it!"  we even got a check mailed back to us with a little note that said, "please sign and return"...oops!  

putting my uncomfortableness and pregnancy memory aside, we are so very excited!  this baby is blessed before it's even born.  we were honored with one shower and two more to come.  the Lord has surely placed great people in our lives!   friends and neighbors have dropped off diapers and beautiful handmade-with-lots of-love booties. 

putting the material blessings aside, we've been blessed with many people praying for us and the baby, cooking for us and just genuinely caring.  i had a grandfatherly type look at me while i was working at church and pretty much ordered me to sit down and rest.  he said it with love and concern and he was totally right...resting this go round is a must! 

so...we need to order the birth kit the midwife needs, air up the birthing ball, continue to purge and organize the house and wrap up school as we anticipate the arrival of our sweet bundle.  i usually go one week "late" but it's never too early to be ready!

one of my favorite parts of this pregnancy has been seeing how the kids react.  i daresay the belly may get more kisses than i do these days!  and trooper lovingly calls me "prego." 

this baby will no doubt shake up our world, if not the world itself!


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  2. Sorry about the delete my spelling after I published was not right I blame over tiredness something I am sure at this stage of your preganancy you can understand totally:)
    Anyway Oh Brooke I am so excited for you and am so happy you have so much love surrounding you at this time. Take care and I will be waiting to hear the good news. Exciting indeed. Hug B

  3. I agree with buttons - babies are a gift from God and you are gonna be blessed big time..well, maybe right now too ;p

    Im sure your helpers are looking forward to meeting their new sibling!


  4. Children are a blessing...praying for you and the baby. Happy for you..I know you can not wait to hold the new little one. Blessings.

  5. Such a beautifully sweet moment when you first get to see your babe and wrap them in kisses and arms! Excited for you all as you anticipate the birth day. Praying for ya during this last bit or waiting.


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