Thursday, March 20, 2014

need some faith?

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he was abandoned at two days old.  just left there.  he had no choice but to become a servant of the family he lived with in exchange for food and shelter.

as an older child he gave his life to the Lord only to be beaten for his faith.

after running away he found a church and a job, living on the construction site where he worked. with borrowed books, he taught himself to read and write.  he started saving his very hard earned money with a desire to go to college.

he passed africa's version of america's GED with a 6th grade education...with not nearly enough money for college.

this young man continued to pray, stand on scripture and have faith.  saving every penny he can only equaled $70 after two years. 

well known preachers went to nigeria and shared their faith and testimonies..."if God can do it for them...He can do it for me," he thought! he wanted nothing more than to attend ORU in tulsa, oklahoma.

after ten years of standing on faith and working very hard he miraculously got a visa and a plane ticket and lands in tulsa.  

he didn't know one person.  he had no money.  but, he had a lot of faith. 

someone offered him a ride and drove him straight to ORU.  ORU wanted to fly him right back "home."  with nothing to return to he wanted to stay.

somehow, a couple, a white couple, heard about this young man and his story and took him home.  after the weekend they took him to ORU and said, "he is not going back to africa."

he filled out the appropriate paper work and waited...with faith.  one day, he received a phone call from ORU...he was awarded a FULL scholarship to ORU!   ten minutes later he woke up after passing out full of excitement over God's provision!

he graduates in six weeks and will then go to medical school.  he has a story to tell and he tells it well.  his love and honor for the Lord is evident on his face and in his words. his broad smile and laugh are contagious.

we were privileged to hear his testimony last night...and his story is far from over!  along with his story and faith he brought along some students from africa who did the praise and!  almost impossible to keep your feet still during that {and we didn't want to}!

have you been believing for something?  do you have faith?  or are you full of self pity, doubt and whining?  have you been standing on God's word? are the words coming out of your mouth negative?

last night's message was plain: God is no respecter of persons.  he can and will do miracles. stand on the word.  confess it.  do your part so the Lord can do His!!

 {i did my best in remembering the details and hope i did the story justice.}


  1. This is a beautiful story....O how I needed the faith today...This story Reminds me of the Hero of Faith book called Samuel Morris from Africa amazing story also.Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. Goose bumps reading this - thank you for sharing such inspiration!


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