Wednesday, March 26, 2014

need some faith? part 2

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if you read my previous post about the boy {now a man} from Nigeria who miraculously made it to America and then was awarded a full scholarship to ORU in Tulsa then you know that he had great faith.

but he is not the only one in the story with faith.

how about the couple who took him home?  

the people who became his family.  you should have seen how happy he was to introduce his family, including a grandma...all white, all full of love and so, so proud of this courageous man!

it melted my heart.  

do you obey quickly when the Lord leads you to do something or do you analyze and try to figure out exactly how you could accomplish what He is asking you to do?  because let's face it, He asks us to do things we usually can't do without Him! 

i think it's our nature to try to figure everything out...but that is not faith.  faith is obeying with no strings attached. faith is taking the step.  faith is listening and doing what you hear.  faith is acting when it doesn't make sense.  

we can not figure everything out about Him, so let's quit trying!

his dad, the only dad he has ever known got up to speak after the young man with a contagious smile was done.

he said something like, "we didn't try to figure out how it would all work out, because there was NO way WE could pay for his tuition.  but, we took one small step of faith.  do not look at the entire picture.  just take the step He's leading you to take.  we were more blessed in return than we were a blessing!"

that is amazing advice.  and it's true.

humans try to make a list, organize, check the budget, rationalize and explain.  but guess what?  that is not faith.  and how do i know?  because i used to be an expert at it!

faith is taking the step, trusting that He knows best and resting in that.  one day, i can't wait to tell you all He has asked us to do lately.  things that plainly do not make sense in the natural.  but, do we want to be grounded in this world...or in His world? 

when you step out in faith, your faith grows and you're blessed in return.  but remember, He knows our motives!  we should obey simply to be a blessing or for whatever reason He may ask us to do something, not for what we may get in return.  obeying what He says to do shows Him honor.

what is He asking you to do?  

just do it!  don't think about it.  

make the call.  write the check.  pray the prayer.  send the money.  cook the meal.  give food.  give of yourself.  

quit living in fear.  quit trying to control everything...He is capable of doing that for you! 

what would happen if every believer did what He told them to do?


  1. Wow! This is without a doubt one of the best posts or teachings on faith I have read... SO REAL!!! WOW!!! You took faith and explained it in such a simple real life way... I know what it is like to step into the faith realm... Nothing like it! How we allow the world to talk us out of the realm of the faith experience is just a shame...shame on me!!! Again, thanks!! I needed to read this post.. I need to ingest it....allow it to be digested and seriously seek God for my next FAITH LEAP!!! I pray many can read this post.. very challenging! Blessings to you for posting this!

  2. OH so good! Thank you for posting!!!

  3. Very touching post...and so true. Thanks for sharing and giving me something to think about.


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