Saturday, March 15, 2014

fun & frugal spring wreath.

i remember creating wreaths as a girl with one of my aunts.  we had so much fun and i was surprised by how easy they are to make.  a naked door just looks well, naked. wreaths are such an easy way to dress up your home inside or out but they can be very pricey. 

i also remember before the kiddos came along making wreaths for a floral was the best feeling when someone purchased one of my creations!  and it was amazing just how much they sold for!

this spring i wanted something easy and frugal and did a quick online search which resulted in a few good ideas.

the above wreath ended up costing us $2 plus tax...awesome!

*2 packages of cupcake liners - purchased at michael's for 50% off. 
total: $1
*straight pins borrowed from scout's sewing basket - free.
*a styrofoam wreath form raided from my MIL's basement - free.
*ribbon found in the clearance bin at michael's - $1
*a fun and frugal wreath made with the help of little hands - priceless!

this wreath is easy peasy...just turn the liners inside out and wrinkle them a bit to make a flower petal effect.  use a straight pin to secure the liner in the middle.  use a simple bow, or not and you're ready to go!! 

{i would have preferred the bow not be where it is but because a glass door closes over our front door i have to make sure the wreath was somewhat flat. also note this wreath is not weather proof :}

so there you go...happy {almost} spring!!


  1. I love it! So cute!! You once made a wreath for me and I loved it!

  2. There is nothing more fun than arts and crafts with your kids. I still have fun doing projects with my daughter when I get the opportunity. This turned out really pretty!

  3. Very cute! I love cupcake liners. You can do much with them!!


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