Wednesday, February 5, 2014

*GIVEAWAY* say goodbye to survival mode by crystal paine: book review

"be tough. be strong. be fierce about eliminating the unnecessary items from your to-do list.  i think American are suffering from a bussyness epedemic.  we're addicted to busy.  so many of us try to find fulfillment and self-worth in piling our plates too high.  the busier we are, the more important we feel."
~Crystal Paine

less is definitely more!

i can remember a few times when mountain man came home or called and asked how our day at the house was and my reply would be, "well...everyone is alive."  i've lived in survival mode before and it's not fun!

of course bad days are normal but a big problem arises if a those few hectic days turn into a life being lived in total survival mode. there is no passion or joy...and that is NOT what we were created to do!

now, i have to admit i was very hesitant about reviewing this book while on "prego rest" because i didn't want to feel condemned for resting and cutting our schedule back {which the Lord did, really.}  i mean, i had to ration energy just to shower, run simple errands and cook dinner. however, i must say i was pleasantly surprised by Crystal's encouragement with absolutely no hint of belittling her readers.  i was reminded that it is just a season we're in...although i'm glad "nesting mode" has hit!

Crystal Paine is the author of two books and the very popular blog, "money saving mom."  she is very open and real about hitting rock bottom in her own life and how she managed to overcome survival mode.  she reminds us in this book that it is imperative to spend time with the Lord to recharge our batteries, i love that.

the book is full of ideas of how to get debt free, manage your schedule, get motivated to exercise, organize your home etc.  she encourages living with purpose...

"living with purpose means wisely choosing and committing to a few of the best things for the season of life you're in."  

life is full of different season for all us and crystal is a big fan of saying NO to anything that is not on her "best list."  amen to that...just say no!

if you are stressed, overwhelmed, burned out or living in survival mode then i encourage you to read say goodbye to survival mode!

i enjoyed the book so much i'd like to pass one on!  if you're a mountain mama follower and you'd like to win a copy, please just leave a comment!  if you're not a follower, follow me and then please leave a comment.  and if you'd really like to win, facebook, blog or twitter about the giveaway and leave a comment for each thing you do!  easy peasy!  we'll randomly draw a name on valentine's day!!  U.S. residents only please.

thank you booksneeze for this complimentary copy in exchange for an honest book review! 

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  1. I'd love to read this book, I've heard good things about it! Right now we are not in survival mode, but believe me, I have been there:)
    Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  2. I've been in survival mode for years by the grace of God (as opposed to not surviving at all). Thanks for the giveaway! I'm following your blog now.

  3. This book sounds great! I'd love to be in the giveaway!

  4. Thank you so much for both your review and giveaway!

  5. wow I could use a book like this..sounds wonderful. being there! thanks for sharing it!