Tuesday, February 4, 2014

nesting...to the extreme.

my extreme fatigue turned into the extreme urge to nest almost overnight.  this cold snowy morning i could hardly focus on anything besides the one room i had been putting off for a while...trooper's room.  this may have something to do with the book i've been reading which i'll share soon!

the Lord has us in a small nest right now so it is imperative to be creative with storage spaces.  and, to lose the clutter.  i can not stand clutter or anything that has no purpose but to collect dust.  too many things do nothing but weigh me down.

i'm learning "please go clean your room" does not mean the same thing to every kid.  so this morning instead of our normal school routine, while my energy was up, we trooped into trooper's room armed with trash bags.  we literally filled up several with things that need to be donated, trashed, put in its right spot or to have one created for it.  thankfully, trooper loved it and our kids have no problem letting go of certain things...don't even think about getting rid of a stuffed animal!

i had flashbacks from when i was a little girl...we lived across from the river and it was flooding...and fast.  we were visiting our elderly neighbors who weren't concerned, they had seen plenty in their day, so we weren't either.  little did we know that while we were gone my aunt and uncle were packing up our home!  the water did get pretty close to the house if i remember correctly but thank the Lord it did not flood.  it was thoughtful of our family only it left me with trash bags of things to go through.  thankfully, i had a caring adult to help me sort, trash, donate...i learned at a young age!

fast forward to today...trooper's room is empty of everything but his bed and bedding, nightstand, dresser, toy cubes, bookcase with books and things on the wall...just as it should be.

i can not tell you how much better i feel.  i knew it was bad when i didn't even want to go in his room anymore...it was affecting the peace in my mind and heart.  i'm embarrassed by how bad i allowed his room to get and i have to remember to give myself grace, i have been prego tired for the past 5 months!

and what are some of the things we found?  lose beans more than likely left over from a craft, feathers, rocks, misc. little toys, blocks, legos, dirty socks...you get the idea.  

his cubby under the stairs was just plain scary...he went in with a headlamp and handed me all of the "goodies."

our next step is to go through the bags and either 1. put it in its appropriate tub 2. trash it 3. donate it or 4. find a home for it.  i knew i did not have the energy to do all of it today so we'll probably do a little every day until it is done.  trooper is actually very excited about it!

mama's rule is everything must have a home!!!!  and i admit, i have a habit of just placing the boy toys i find around the house on top of his little bookcase which only adds to the clutter! 

once the bags and toy cubes are gone through we need to come up with a plan of action to keep it neat.  here are some of the things i've come up with, please share any more ideas you may have.

1. order a toy net that hangs from the ceiling/wall for his stuffed animals that he loves so much.  only keep his very favorites available, switch out every now and then. this will free up a lot of space in his toy cubes.

2. have boo bear help him every other day restock his book shelves...the proper way with the spines facing out so we can read the titles.

3. make sure he picks up {and help if needed} anything he got out that day before bed.  this is a big one for me because by bedtime i'm just ready to crash.  

4. patiently keep reminding him that everything has a home...and it actually needs to go there.

he is six so i know i can't expect the organizational skills of his sisters but i think it's important to teach and help him now...

5. i may even employ some kind of reward system.  it would be amazing if i found dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper instead of under his bed, on the floor, on his bed...hanging from the wall.  i'm not sure that has happened but you never know.

6. i would like to store one set of clean sheets under each mattress to free up more storage space!

i'm ready to help him stay on top of things.  i think it will help everyone feel better and find items more easily...and not trip over a pile of treasures.

it's one more step to a happy, organized nest!


  1. Oh a happy organized nest is a lot of work but good job. It is sometimes the most difficult to begin. Take care of yourself and rest OK. Hug B

  2. I think Trooper and Payton are birds of a feather. ha! There's just to many treasures to keep. =) I have to clean out the girls' room often. Evan, on the other hand, keeps his room very organized. I don't keep landry hampers in my kiddos' rooms any more. We have 3 large hampers that we all use for our clothes. I labeled each basket and the kids are great (most of the time) about putting their clothes in the correct basket. It saves a lot of time on laundry day, because I don't have to sort. =)


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