Friday, February 28, 2014

my how time changes things...

                                        {mama roo swing}

i used to think that i love change.  change is good...right?  who wants their furniture in their same spot for years, to drive the same path everyday or to sit in the exact same spot at church?  we love to mix it up a little.  or so i thought.

           {prince lionheart wipe warmer, goodbye plain 'ol white ones!}           

now,'s been six years {which my body says is along time but in reality isn't really that long} since we've had a baby around the house. after birthing and raising three kiddos i've realized that i tend to do things the same way, there is a "method to my madness" and yes, i'd love the same products i had with my older kids.  they worked, i was comfortable with them and why change something that is good?  {my, i'm starting to sound like my grandma and her avon clients when a product they loved was discontinued}!

                                     {boon clutch dish washing basket}

we are getting into baby mode around here...thinking about the things we need {we also learned it's not necessary to go all out for a baby...they need diapers and a mama to nurse them...not all the gadgets!}  but, we do need a few things so the kids and i went to a new store in town {since six years ago} to browse around and boy, was i ever shocked!

                              {boon lawn drying rack...pretty cool!}

several times the kids asked what something was and i had no idea. that's not quite true, i had a good idea but i was in the denial mode - surely products haven't changed THAT much? there are sleek designs, modern prints and things that look a bit like robots.  we saw strollers for well over $1,000 {are you KIDDING me?} and the same products have doubled or almost in price like my ever favorite boppy pillow.

         {and the mustachifier...thank you...billy bob teeth were getting old!}

now don't get me wrong, i'm not apposed to these new products.  i'm just pointing out the changes from just a few years ago. and, the fact that i may be a little old fashioned. i was thrilled to spot "our" model of stroller yesterday {with a modernized print} so we snagged it before it changes too, it was on clearance so it doesn't look promising for old faithful. smile.

we're getting ready for baby showers, moving things around the house and de-cluterring...again.  where in the world does all this stuff come from anyway?  i'm also working on adjusting to being a mountain mama living in a modern world...kind of like watching some grandparents should be pretty entertaining! 


  1. So cute... Exciting for you all!!....

  2. I am SO excited for your upcoming new little!! Things have changed, but a lot is still the same. You don't need much, but a new baby is a new baby. Just enjoy and spoil the little stinker with all these new crazy things! :D

  3. Yes, the gear has changed a lot over the last few years! We just always went with the basics too. I'm so excited for ya'll!

  4. It is amazing how much things have changed. When our first grand baby was born. We were blown away by the COOL things they had out there for babies. So happy for you and your family.
    What a blessing!

  5. So exciting! And I'm the same way... Loved this post!


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