Wednesday, February 12, 2014

healthy, easy & frugal potato soup!

it is incredibly difficult to take appetizing pictures of food!  sometimes something that looks so good to your eyes ends up looking like a bowl of dog food on the screen...makes me really appreciate food photographers!

anyway, in the mountains we made an awesome soup with wood stove roasted potatoes.  we aren't in the mountains anymore and we don't have a wood stove or fireplace. more awesome potato soup.


this recipe is ridiculously easy AND tasty...big points for that. it is healthy made with only real food.  and it is frugal.  it's acutally one of our "go to" recipes since mountains man likes to bring home 20 pounds of potatoes at a time.  and it only takes about 25 min. total!

click here* get the scoop! 

we love to serve with oscar meyer nitrate free bacon and shredded cheese.  we buy block cheese and shred it ourselves.  this saves money and avoids some preservatives. we hardly ever use milk in ours but for leftovers it's nice.

soups on!

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