Tuesday, January 21, 2014

calling the purpose out...

sometimes you need to call the God given destiny out of someone.  to remind them that they are here for a reason, a purpose and a plan for their very days have been written. 

sometimes we believe the lies of the enemy...that we are invaluable, unlovable...that we are here by accident.  sometimes all hope is lost. 

we all have a story, the possibilities are endless.  i see pain in people's eyes everywhere i go...do you?  {the Maker of heaven and earth CAN heal that pain!}

one day, a long, long time ago...i received this poem.  it was framed and all nice and pretty.  but, it wasn't the pretty that touched me. something about the words resounded in my spirit.  it lifted me up.  it spoke to me in a very special way.

the Lord has told me it's time to let my priceless possession go...send it to someone else who needs to hear and feel the words.  and, it's a little hard to be honest.  but, my identity is not in the poem, it's in our Lord.  i have Him and that's all that matters.  

He's done a miracle in me that no one can take away so i freely give what i have been given.  not only the poem but love, forgiveness, encouragement and prayer.

these words are for everyone because we all have the same Maker.  we all have the same hole in our hearts until we ask Him to fill it. we all have a call and a purpose.  

the words are simple, not fancy or big.   but for someone who has lost their way they are profound. in fact i once opened the frame and realized it's only the front of a greeting card that's been framed.  

"Just think you're
here not by chance, 
but by God's choosing
His hand formed you
and made you
the person you are.
He compares you 
to no one else-
you are one of a kind.
You lack nothing 
that His grace 
can't give you
to be here at this
time in history
to fulfill His
special purpose
for this generation."

there you have it.  the plain words that changed my life.  the words i have read to my family. i tell the kids all the time..."God has a plan for you...you are here...RIGHT NOW...for a reason.  you will do BIG things for Him. don't ever believe the lies of the enemy."

so long treasure, i have you etched in my heart, it's time to go touch someone else!


  1. Such simple words...yet so moving too! Love it! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. A lovely poem. Glad you have Jesus in your life.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. Such beautiful truth in the words - thanks for sharing! Parting with a treasured item - what you say about identity and His working in us - words of wisdom...ones I'll remind myself of as we are currently trying to declutter and organize. While I have not yet given away a treasured item, I want to be ready and willing to do so. We have been given so much as Americans, but ever so much more in Christ.

  4. I love your heart....and I love the way HIS words flow out through your writing. To call out the purpose in someone - may this be our mission. To call out God-given destiny in and through HIM - may this be MY purpose, (to answer HIS calling) to call it out in everyone He brings across my path. THANK YOU for stirring up my passion, for reminding me of our calling, for making my heart smile and my day brighter for having been in your company here today. :)

    Happy, blessed weekend to you-


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