Friday, January 24, 2014

book review: dangerous by caleb biglow

                         "what man can not do, God can do!"
                            ~Simon Saitoti - Maasai bushman

this book review is way late, i apologize.  it is not because the book was boring...quite the opposite!!

"From warring tribal villages in africa to red-light districts in asia to guatemalan prisons, Caleb witnessed God's light break through the darkness again and again.  

Are you tired of playing it safe?  filled with unforgettable stories of what can happen when men and women completely surrender to God's lead, Dangerous will help you see how He can use each of us no matter where in the world we are."

it seemed fitting to review a book regarding missionary work since that's what we're learning this homeschool year.   Caleb Biglow is full of passion and boldness...taking the readers to almost every place on earth to shine God's light.  

he shares his love of training young adults to be missionaries on his parents property...a type of "boot camp."  shy, timid people turn into outgoing, on-fire-for-Lord and ready to do His work!  i love that he uses his talents to not only be a missionary and go where God sends him but to equip others!

of the world's 6,500 people groups it is mind boggling and heart breaking to know that 2,500 are still unreached!! 

caleb's stories will ignite a passion in almost any reader to be a light where ever they shine in the darkness.  i applaud caleb's courage and boldness, sometimes "crazy" at times...and i applaud his wife and kids at home, praying for the safety of their daddy!

well done caleb, thanks for sharing your's just the beginning!

thank you bethany house for the complimentary book in exchange for an honest review!!


  1. Looks very interesting and challenging! I am definitely going to check this out.. thanks for the review.. Blessings!

  2. I like books like this. I might have to try to find this one. It sounds very good. Thanks for the book review.


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