Tuesday, January 7, 2014

blessing our kids and a birthday girl...

our first born turned 11 recently...

she is full of life, love and sunshine.  she loves her rabbits and playing piano.  she eats salads but frowns at brussel sprouts.  she is the energy and eyes of the family.  if you lose something, go to scout.  it you need to remember something..tell her.  and if you have something you don't want her to hear...well, good luck with that!

because she is getting older we are honing in on character training...no one wants a rebellious teenager.  we strive for an open line of communication and for her to feel loved no matter what.  but, with that, comes discipline.  i remind her all the time that the Holy Spirit convicts me and adults have consequences to their sin too.  it's just that at that point, the consequences  are no fun and can affect several people.    

i recently finished reading "The Power of a Parent's Blessing" and was blown away by the stories.  i've actually heard people say their dad never spoke a kind word to them...my heart breaks for these people.  in fact babies in the womb can feel rejection or acceptance!  this is an amazing book and i highly recommend it for anyone who seeks to learn how to bless their kids and/or never received a blessing from their parents and need healing. seriously. 

{think of a Jewish  Bar Mitzvah,but of course blessings can be spoken any day at any time. Every kid should be blessed, Jewish or not. Boy or Girl. there are several pivotal times in a child's life when they should be blessed, based on scripture.  AND, in their old age it's the kids' turn to bless their parents!!}

for our kids' birthdays, we focus on making them feel special...not necessarily a huge party.  we might invite a few people over for fellowship and games {don't forget the cake and ice cream!}   we then ask the special birthday kid to stand on a chair and mountain man speaks blessings over them. we take the time to speak good things into their present and future.  and when scout is a little older, she will be blessed into womanhood...heart be still.

again, i highly recommend the book.  now is the time to speak good things into our kids and their future.  now is the time to ask for forgiveness for the times we blew it and don't look back.  now is the time for the sake of our kids, the next generation.  {and now is the time to seek healing if you need it}.

happy birthday, my sweet girl.   thank you for making me a better parent and person.  we love you being in this family...you will always be my sunshine!  we love you!!


  1. A very happy birthday to her!
    Thanks for mentioning that book - I want to look into it. Words have such impact and a blessing from a parent - incredible way to shepherd a child. {Now that I officially have two teenagers, I'm still no expert, but I think you are on the right path about communication - it is something my husband and I value with our teens and younger children.}


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