Thursday, December 12, 2013

oh, baby...

we are almost half way there!  today our wonderful midwife said everything is right on track, we're about 18 weeks along.  i have been feeling the amazing little "flutters" and the kids are beyond excited! they {not to mention mountain man} are taking such good care of mama.  i've had to take it easy this go round.  overdoing it is not good.  so...i rest when my body tells me to.  it goes against my nature but i know it's important.  this year's Christmas will be simple. {nothing like focusing on the most important stuff anyway, huh?} and i'm reminded in these times that it takes a village to raise a child...we've had some dear people cook us dinner, praying and helping out here and there... what a blessing! 

you may be thinking that if i'm resting a bit i should have time to blog.  and you're right, there is time.  but the mental energy...not so much.  that must be spent homeschooling and running the household.  sorry the blog has been put on the back burner for a while folks but i will do my best to keep y'all updated! 

isn't it ironic how pregnancy is full of oxymoron's?  for instance, many pregnant women are really hungry yet have no energy to cook.  and as mountain man asked..."they make maternity skinny jeans?"  is he funny or what?  {being a wee facetious.}  and my most embarrassing to date: in the first trimester i was ravenously hungry.  upon walking into the kitchen to eat the leftover spaghetti i found boo bear eating it...and my eyes literally filled with tears.  who cries over food?  apparently yours truly!  another funny happened last month when we had some friends over for a play date.  the mama was in the kitchen with her five baby chicks gathered around...i just stood there, gawked and whispered, "five kids??"  she smiled and said, "you'll be there soon."  gulp.

The Lord is good and He's getting us through...the good and the not so good. thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are greatly appreciated!! 


  1. I have been stopping by from time to time to keep myself updated on your lives. Glad to see your post after such a long absence. So glad things are going well. Very exciting, the addition of another family member!
    Love, Laura

  2. Aw thank you for the glad all is well with you and the little one....

  3. Thanks for the update. I've been praying for ya'll!

  4. super sweet! I love pregnancy and alllllll that is involved with it. What is your exact due date again?

  5. aww baby chicks...."i whisper 6 baby chicks" you'll be there soon hhahahaahhahahaa

  6. Oh, these 'flutterings' are so precious! ... What a wonder to feel your baby moving inside of you. Ahhhhh, these are memories for me :( ... but good memories :)


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