Wednesday, November 6, 2013


   {i love the way trooper's ear folds over!  looks so uncomfortable though!}

i wake up every morning and someone has outgrown something, has a lose tooth or some other reminder that things don't stay the same.  changes are all around us.  as the oklahoma tress {finally} change colors i watch as our kids almost change and grow right before our eyes.  i've been thinking about all the moms who've told me their sons are now taller than them...and to watch the kids grow up, get heart.

above, we're on a hay ride.  our friends wouldn't allow the prego mama to ride in the bumpy trailer so i enjoyed the nice warm truck.  boo has braces now.  scout literally does not miss one thing.  and trooper?  well, i've been keeping track for you some of his little quips.

*i wish i could be a mama so i could know everything.  {i wonder when he'll discover i'm not perfect?}

*i love you more than $14,000. {he said this upon waking up to mama tucking the covers in around him one night.}

*mama talking to him about yelling at his sisters: have you ever heard me yell at daddy?
trooper: yeeesss!
mama: when?
trooper: never...sigh.

*why do the girls go to the bathroom together...because they are girls or something?

and of course funny things are happening to my taste buds.  out of everything i know about nutrition i can not tell my body to stop craving KFC mashed potatoes or maple long john doughnuts.  i've learned never, ever go to the grocery store when you are pregnant, hungry, tired and husband is out of town.  it results in the purchase and consumption of high calorie food{s} i can't even write about. i did purchase gluten free crackers to go with the cheese ball.

i love change.  change is good and inevitable.  i just wish i could keep up with it a little better these days!!

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 
~C.S. Lewis


  1. Boo looks adorable with her braces! KFC? Oh my! I had a hard time even smelling that when I was pregnant with Evan. 10 years later, I still really don't like to eat it. ha! I love Trooper's questions. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Change is good, but it's definitely hard sometimes, too.

    By the way, congratulations on your pregnancy! What a blessing!


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