Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sterling silver jewelry giveaway!!

only two days left to enter for YOUR CHOICE of jewelry hand made here in oklahoma!!  if you're like i was you have no idea what goes into creating a piece of sterling silver jewelry.  i asked sophia, she told and i still don't have my brain wrapped around it.

this is sophia and her daughter by the way.  over a wonderful Vietnamese dinner {i was really trying to pay attention to her...the food was sooo good, i'm prego remember} i remember the words...


okay, so maybe i added the last three nouns.  writers can exaggerate can they not? 

anyway, i'm more of a visual person {hence the food sitting in front of me} and i thought you might be too.

the "abide" ring based on John 15.

and there you go.  hours of work into a design.  just for you.  and don't forget her custom inital and name pendants!

you have two more days to enter!  click here*

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  1. Oh she is indeed talented and I can see the work involved. Love the photo of Sophia and her daughter. Oh keep eating my friend now you have me hungry:) Hug B


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