Monday, October 21, 2013

it's fall!

 “I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”  ~Henry David Thoreau

we are so excited for the change of weather!  the trees in oklahoma are slow in changing colors but the pumpkin patches have arrived!

this weekend we were so thrilled that my dad and brother came in from out of town!  we headed straight to the pumpkin' patch to pet some animals, have a camel ride and of course choose just the right pumpkins to adorn our home.  
we've made gluten free apple crisp and apple cake and my brother had good reviews for starbuck's pumpkin lattes.  

we've been very busy so i made the executive decision to take a fall thing ever!  after 10 weeks of school it was time for a break!  i'm still feeling pretty good - trying to take it easy in account of the bun in the oven {mmm...that makes me think of fresh amish cinnamon rolls!}  we're about halfway through the first trimester.

i hope y'all are enjoying the weather and time with family as much as we have!  don't forget to enter the lily array sterling jewelry giveaway!!  


  1. I'm with you, the comforts of the fall season, the colors, it is just a great time of the year and to take a break right now sounds like a wise move!

  2. Great Fall Pic! I love the colors and beauty of Fall. It is such a wonderful time of the year. Blessings!

  3. Love the picture! Glad your feeling well!

  4. Oh Congratulations! ... so you have a bun in the oven, and I'm probably the last to know. I've been Waaaay out of blogging world.

    Sadly, we don't have 'fall colours', us not having any trees in the first place! I think that would be wonderful to see.

    Happy carrying-of-the-bun :)
    A x

  5. I had to go back through the posts I missed! WOW! I am so excited for you and your family. Congratulations!


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