Thursday, October 24, 2013

15 years...

this anniversary celebration is a bit different...

it seems like just yesterday i wrote a post to celebrate our 14th anniversary.  now here we are ONE year later!  time seems to fly by the speed of light these days.

so, here's this year's story.  when we lived in georgia we met a special family some of you will no doubt's hard to forget 9 amazing kids.  the oldest {we share the same name, not mountain mama, silly} was 18 at the time and we remember her desire to get married one day and praying along with them for her future husband. fast forward through a few years and she recently got married!  recently as in 12 days ago! 

not only do we share an october anniversary, and the same name...our husbands share the same name too!  no, no i'm not kidding.
we were not able to travel for the wedding so on the way to their new home they stopped by here for a visit!!  we were truly blessed by the fellowship we shared.  lots of laughs, eating, music, games, funny stories, prayer, bowling, more eating..and listening to the baby's heartbeat with her midwife doppler!  could it possibly get any better??

ah yes it can because God is just too good.

they are an amazing couple with many God given talents to share with the world and have an amazing testimony, one that has already touched lives.  this lovely couple chose to stay pure for each other.  their first kiss was after they said, "i do!" in front of hundreds of eyes.  {i get nervous just thinking about it.}

after gaining her parent's approval they courted.  yes, people still court. it is a breath of fresh air to meet couples who are going about it God's way!  couples who want to please their Maker more than man.  couples who love each other enough to wait.  couples who are standing up for what they believe in.  they have big hearts for serving the Lord, wherever He may lead.

we are honored to call these two beautiful newlyweds our friends...what a special way to celebrate our anniversary!  we think they are pretty cool too...

and not just because we share the same names.

Congratulations you two...may the Lord richly bless you in ways that can't even be imagined! 

{the kiddos made a new friend for sure! the Mr. plays like one of the much fun for them!!!:}


  1. Oh Happy Anniversary to you and your mister and what a great surprise seeing someone so connected to you in more ways than one. They sound like they are going to be just fine they are off to a wonderful start. Oh seeing you all together is such a wonderful shot the kids have grown so much. You all look so happy that makes me happy. HUGS B

  2. Wow! That's truly awesome! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. That's so neat! Happy Anniversary!!! Oh, and I love Trooper's face in the last picture. lol.


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