Tuesday, September 17, 2013

total cuteness overload.

the baby bunnies are growing by leaps and bounds.  scout is in total love.  she talks baby talk, carries them around in a basket and swaddles them up like a baby.

they are pure cuteness.

at one point mountain man said to me, "it seems you and pearl {the mama} have a lot in common."  

i turned to see what in the world i could have in common with a rabbit.  


she was huddled in the corner with two of her babies sitting on top of her and the third close by.  i think one was sitting on her head.  

it seems mamas are the same in most every species.  the source of food, teacher, constant and comforter.

i have to laugh when i sit down and like a magnet my kids are drawn to me, imagine four of us huddled in a chair to read a good book or just to talk.

and like the baby bunnies who will grow and find homes of their own soon, my kiddos will grow and leave the nest...these days are short...

please, please remind me of that next time someone lands on my head.


  1. Oh gramma...those babies are soooo cute!!!.... and yes time is short... I don't know where the years go...

  2. Those are cute bunnies. And, yes, these days with our children are short. Thanks for that reminder, Brooke.


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