Thursday, September 12, 2013

grandma's wisdom.


my grandma never shared her faith with me that i can remember.  we never prayed together and i'm really not even sure i ever saw her read the bible unless we were in church.

but, she didn't have to.  i learned by watching she lived her life.  i watched her walk through her years with grace, integrity, forgiveness, love, patience with a bit of orneriness mixed in for good measure.  

she is a huge part of who i am today.  and as you probably know by now, i am sold out for Him.  totally wrecked in a good way for serving the one and only Lord. 

now as a mama every now and then when i'm in a pickle or just plain tired or stressed out i wonder, "what would grandma do?"  ha...WWGD?  anyway, i'm saddened that she went home to be with her Maker before i had children.  i never once thought to ask her advice about teething, arguments, raising preteens or how to get bubble gum off clothes that have been through the dryer.  in my world of newlywed bliss it wasn't on my radar to glean any information about child rearing she may have to offer. come to think of it, it should have been...first comes loves, then comes marriage...

as i rocked one of my kiddos today for fun just like i used to when they were sweet, little {quiet} babies i had a flashback.  

                           {me and my wonderful "little" brother!}

i was twenty two and my little brother two.  he was in my charge and we were at grandma's house visiting.  i could not get the little rascal to settle down for a nap.  frustrated i turned to grandma.  she gently picked him up, sat down in her rocking chair {which i have to this day} and rocked him.  he was asleep in less than five minutes while i was standing there like, "oh...okay...and why didn't i think of that?"

that is my one pearl of wisdom from grandma regarding kiddos...rock them.  

but, that's okay.  because while rocking my not-so-little-one today i realized that i don't need more.

why?  because everything i need to know she lived right in front of me!  did she ever raise her voice at me?  no.  did she buy me everything i wanted?  a big fat no.  did she have me work hard and model the same behavior? yes. 

while i might not have a visible list titled "grandma's tricks of the trade" i have them in my heart.  i know how she treated me and my cousins.  i know her tone of voice, her words and actions.

and that is more than enough for me my friends...those are the most important lessons one can learn.

i'm still a little puzzled over what to do with the ornery streak they each have that i know without a doubt came from sweet grandma...i can see the sparkle in her eye now. 

and the bubble gum?  isn't that what google is for?  :)


  1. Oh your Grandma was very wise and everything else can be found on Google:). She is with you have no doubt about that and you are doing a great job. Hug B

  2. What wonderful sweet memories of your Grandmother.. I do believe she left you lots of wisdom... I can tell by reading your posts and your faith. Blessings!

  3. What great stories. Thank you for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes. I think of Prudy almost every day. Seems I miss her more as each day goes by. Love you 10,000 skies full!! Dad.


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