Sunday, September 29, 2013

God is sooo good.

did you know oklahoma ranks #1 for the most women in prison?  and #1 for drug addiction, over half of those prescription drugs.  those are not numbers to be proud of.

today is one of my favorite days of the year...the women from teen challenge came to church to give their testimonies.

abuse.     alcoholism.   broken families.
     sex trafficking. fear.  drug addiction.
prison.  broken hearts.         theft.
shame.        depression.   suicide.

these ladies stand on stage and tell not only what got them in teen challenge {how many know that is not an easy thing to do?} but more importantly...

what the Lord has done for them!

we watched as they sang the song "redeemed" with their hands raised in the air.  there is just not much that is sweeter to me than that.

there are countless rehab centers and support groups, and i know they do good...but there is only one thing  person that can truly change, heal, redeem and restore...

Jesus Christ.

that's what makes teen challenge different and their results are awesome!  there are kiddos waiting to be reunited with their mamas after they graduate the 12 month program.  there are families to be brought back together. there are new lives to be lived.

close to 200 centers are scattered across the United States...changing lives for the past 50 years.   

thank you teen challenge for what you are doing! 

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