Thursday, August 22, 2013

we have babies!

nothing about these two rabbits have been typical.  it started with their bunny wedding on Easter complete with carrot cake.  she later had a miscarriage on our way out the door to the girls' music recital. she doesn't like nesting boxes and just when we thought maybe she wasn't pregnant again like we had hoped...

mountain man walked to the laundry room early this morning.  i can imagine him sleepily rubbing his eyes getting ready to read his bible when he spots something amiss.  a cactus or two are knocked over with soil everywhere along with pecan {the boy} on top of pearl's cage wanting in.  mountain man looked closer to find three adorable and very much alive babies!

ladies and gentlemen...we are pleased to announce the arrival of mrs. and mrs. pecan pie's babies! {names pending, open for suggestions.}

in the meantime, scout won't let me forget i just became a great-grandma.



  1. Apple. . Strawberry. . And my favorite rhubarb!! 3boyz mom ♥


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