Friday, August 2, 2013

Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape

while we were in florida we had the honor to dine with our cousin who recently joined the navy.  that night, we found out that he would soon go through the navy's S.E.R.E. program.

now, i'll admit i'm a bit sheltered...i had no idea what the program was until that evening but the more i heard...well, i just asked them to change the subject, sometimes being sheltered can be a good thing.  i was having a mixture of emotions..."oh my...i love him like one of my kids...he's going to what?  ahh..i'm turning into my grandma."  

let's just say we have some tough men and women in our military for sure and it makes me even more grateful for their service and dedication.

he was in the program for what seemed like weeks {a few days} and finally i could take it no longer.  i texted:

are you alive? {a wee dramatic i am}

two days later he confirms the conclusion of the training, his state of aliveness and a picture to prove it.

my response:  you look terrible, i love you, God is good.

we are so proud and we ask the Lord to bless and keep safe all of our fine men and women serving to protect our freedom.


  1. thankful for his service, and all who service. saying a prayer for your cousin.

  2. Thank God for those young men who are willing to train and risk their life for our freedom. prayers for your cousin. He is special. Blessings!


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