Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{home} school has started!

we are so excited about this year of schooling!  we've chosen My Father's World* Countries and Cultures Curriculum.  it's so exciting because the kids can learn so many things together and then be on their own level for reading, math and language arts.  trooper also has My Father's World 1st grade curriculum.

as a family we study all about different countries and cultures while learning about geography, bible, science, writing, art, cooking, stories and missionaries and how to pray for the people we learn about.  

trooper is learning to read and do simple math. scout and boo are reading machines and i try my best to choose high quality "living books" for them to devour.  thank the Lord for good libraries!  

we are so excited, it is such an honor and priveledge to teach our children at home...you have permission to remind me i said that on a rough day ;)


  1. Special blessings to any woman to will take the time and effort to homeschool. I do believe it is one of the greatest things a mother can do! Blessings!

  2. That's awesome, what a fun curriculum!

  3. Hooray! We used that last year and LOVED it! We are doing the next year now...Creation to the Greeks!.....well, not exactly NOW, but will use it when we get started!

  4. Yay - glad your year is off to a great start! And, MFW looks like such a wonderful curriculum (and company!) My oldest is going to be using their health this year. We start next week - I'm doing some scheduling and planning right now, er, I mean, I'm taking a break and am gonna get right back to planning and scheduling :-)

  5. Hard to believe...its that time of the year!!..Sounds like a fun year for the kids!! Isn't homeschooling great!!!

  6. I've probably told you before how much I admire those of you that can do this. I couldn't have. My daughter was such a great student that she could have taught herself, but my son has a learning disability and we had to work very much with him at home in addition to his schooling. I almost lost my mind! It was so hard. It sounds as if you have some fun and interesting things planned.


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