Tuesday, August 6, 2013

get to simple.

we have been purging our home...again.  you would think after moving four times we would be rid of things that weigh us down.

we feel strongly that we need to get to simple.  i'm reminded of laura from 'little house on the prairie' and how they had two dresses...an everyday dress and a church dress.  now i'm not quite advocating that standard of wardrobe but i think most of us have a little more than we really need...ahem.

and why is that? does it make us feel safe and secure?  do we feel "rich" and in control?  do we love having ten purses to choose from or to collect things that only gather dust?  

my friend has been reading the book "7" which is about a pastor's wife who only ate 7 things for a month, or wore 7 pieces of clothing for a month and so one.  what a concept!  she writes about what she learned and boy, i bet it was a lot!  

what is true happiness?  keeping up with joneses and the newest and latest or only having what one family or person truly needs?  

i've learned that the more you have, the more you want.  the more you have, the more things you have to take care of {and that takes time away other things!}.  the more you have, the more you have to pack and move.  the more you have, the less space you have for things that truly matter.

and personally...stuff just weighs me down!!!

we are so happy to get rid clutter...trying our best to get to simple.


  1. I agree...living simple is great, we unload tons and now we are down to the basic needs of life. my home is now simple, I love that word..lol! my home has been downsize for three years now. and I still find things to give away. i rather have jesus and my family then anything.

  2. I am desperately trying to find the time, the inclination and the organized thoughts to do some major decluttering here. Seven years in this house, four kids, homeschooling, LOTS of stuff - yep, there's a lot to get rid of. I am determined to find the time this week, and at least get a start on it - one room at a time.
    Anne x

  3. I hear ya! I'm needing to do a good thorough purging of stuff.


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