Friday, August 23, 2013

do what Jesus did: book review

mountain man and i first heard of the author robby dawkins while watching the documentary, "Father of Lights."  we saw him in action praying for gang leaders.  gang leaders...the same ones who have who no problem pulling the trigger.

'Do What Jesus Did' is a faith builder, to say the least.  do you believe in the power of God to heal the sick?  to cast out oppressing spirits?  or raise the dead.

did i lose you?   

the truth is our Father is the same today as He was thousands of years ago.  we read about people being raised in the bible but for some reason think it can not happen here.  people are still being healed from sickness and disease. there are still miracles to be done!

i can't help but wonder what my grandma's little baptist sunday school class would say about this...the memories of them shaking their heads declaring Jesus is not in the healing business anymore still haunts me.

"there's way too much out there we haven't even started to approach yet.  nobody's going to get it all right, but if we're only trying to do what we "know" we can do, we're already setting ourselves up to fall short.  we're called to walk in the same sonship that Jesus did, and we're called to persevere.  just like the first disciples, we're in the process of coming into the fullness of the revelation of who Christ is for us."

i am so thankful for people who are bold in their faith, to share it no matter what others may think.  even, if it's risking their very own life to minister in urban poor areas.  robby shares stories of how the Lord has been faithful in protecting him not to mention stories of miracles and changed lives.

this book certainly gives the reader plenty to ponder and pray on.  there is a generation of believers that will rise up and do great things!

thank you chosen books for this complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. AMEN! I HAVE to read this book, it sounds awesome! I hate the fact people think "healing" was just "back then" "when Jesus was around".
    Thanks so much for sharing this review...I'm gonna get this book!!!
    Have a great week ;)


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