Monday, July 1, 2013

on adoption.

there's been some questions about our adoption process and how it's going so i though i'd fill you in a bit...

obeying when it doesn't make sense.  that is hard.  i have to fight against analyzing and trying to figure every.single.thing.out.  my job is to let God be God and trust.  i have to give up control.

i remember when we lived in georgia i felt the Lord wanted me to get our roll numbers with the native american tribe we are part of.   

huh...well that doesn't make sense.  why?  i wasn't raised to know much about the culture or any of the cultures that are in my blood for that matter. i learned about native american history for a day or two in school and that was it.  i think i dressed up as an indian in 1st grade for thanksgiving. 

i {finally} obeyed and we started getting our tribe's monthly newspaper.   and there, plain as day was an article about children waiting to be adopted...

so, we tucked that idea away.  we had always felt like we would adopt one day when the time was right. we moved from georgia to idaho and then got settled back home in oklahoma.

"it is time" we heard.

so...we took the steps and got the ball rolling.

when we first met with a family coordinator the topic of adoption price came up.  i'm embarrassed to admit that i hadn't given that too much thought.  i mean, when He calls you to do something He'll provide what it takes, right?  

she told us the price of an adoption using DHS or an agency within our country and i literally almost fell over.  {don't even get me started on that.}  so, you can guess the next question we squeaked out.  how much does it cost to adopt within the native american tribes?

she smiled...oh, dear.

she uttered a price that made me laugh.  really?!  then i said, "well, how come more people aren't adopting?!" of course the price differs from situation to situation but overall, very reasonable.  then it all rushed to me in an instant.  aha!  that's why the Lord wanted us to get involved in our tribe!!  we are saving money to buy land, build a house and adopt so every penny counts...

hold your horses mountain mama...

that's not the only reason it turns out.  going to the adoption training classes we learned a lot about native american history and culture...from their point of view.  more than likely, at least one of our ancestors walked the trail of tears or something like it.  we heard gut wrenching stories.

that is part of our heritage.  and, wow, a whole new world opened up.  one that we are proud of.  one that we want to pass on to our kids!

we meet with our case worker next week to do our case studies.  it took a little longer to get the background checks back because of living in two other states...{ahem}.  nevertheless, we are so excited!! 

the child or sibling group can come from oklahoma or anywhere in the U.S.  the indian child welfare workers are a great bunch of people and do their best to match up children with families according to likes, personalities, needs etc.  they also try to transition the child slowly into his or her new home.

as i told my friend the other today, its amazing to think one day we are parents to three and the next we could be parent to four or five! 

oh dear...what has He gotten us into now?! 

"Learn to do good.  Seek justice.  Help the oppressed.  Defend the cause of orphans."  ~Isaiah 1:17


  1. This is just so exciting! Can't wait to see how things pan out!

  2. I'm so excited for you all!!

  3. Beautiful to hear how the Lord is working in your lives and through your lives!

  4. so exciting, brings back memories of our adoption..It will all come together, just in did for us.
    Looking forward to more post on your amazing journey. We have always wanted to adopt in the Indian tribe.

    Wow amazing!

  5. It'll be good and challenging, but so worth it! Can't wait till it all comes together for the sake of the child/children and you all are together as a family! Wonderful to see God's hand at work behind the scenes!


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