Tuesday, July 30, 2013

obeying when...you kinda don't want to.

we are big around here about quickly obeying the voice of God or for my kids it would be their parents voice although they are learning to hear His voice too.

but, just because we strongly believe in it doesn't mean it's easy.  or that i always "feel" like obeying.  what He asks us to do can be embarrassing, a hassle, uncomfortable or just down right something we don't want to do.  

i have said more than once, "you want me to do WHAT?"

when we don't obey we miss the blessing.  we miss growing in Him.  we miss being used to bless someone else.  and that, is sad to me. 

i just got done reading a fellow blogger's post about how she felt led to pray for someone.  she didn't want to at first but i'm so proud of her because she went back and obeyed...even when she was out of her comfort zone.

i have learned...the Lord wants to do His will on earth but He needs us humans to pray it into existence. {His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven Matthew 6:10}.  we have a choice to live in this world the way it is or do something about it!!! 

in a book i recently read about signs and wonders there is a story about a man who died in a bus crash.  he was in the sky looking down at His body.  Jesus was with Him and the man was pleading with the Lord, "i'm not ready...i have work for You to do...send me back."  The Lord could not send him back.  then, the man saw his wife walk to his lifeless body and start praying God's will...that He should live and not die...speaking life into Him, taking the authority she has in Christ {the same authority all believers have}.  Jesus was then allowed to send the man back to his body where he said upon waking up, his head was pounding but he was very much ALIVE!

so...when we feel prompted to pray for someone...it very well could be the Lord wanting His will to be performed on this earth.

i will NEVER forget this.  one night we were at our friends' prayer meeting.  we were praying for our nation and the topic of abortion came up.  she and i had been talking about it a few days before and i guess she remembered that...she asked me to come and pray over the topic...in the microphone.  i literally almost fled to the bathroom.  if you know me in person you can imagine my face turning a nice shade of crimson and my eyes getting way bigger than normal, i looked at mountain man with a "help me" look.  on shaky legs i made it up front. i didn't think i could stand so i sat on the altar {is that even legal?} and prayed what was on my heart.  i lived to tell about it and i'm so glad i obeyed {not that i had much choice being put on the spot!:}  

in this instance i don't know exactly how the prayer will affect the earth.  but, i DO KNOW He heard me and i did my part.  His words do not return void.  and, it was a chance for me to grow.

sometimes, results from obedience comes quick which is always fun.  two weeks ago i was working at our church's clothes outreach.  a friend {she is in her 80's} and i were in the sorting room and i felt like i needed to pray for her grandson.  he was in need of a surgery and it was not being granted in a certain medical group, they had been dealing with this organization for about a year and he was in pain.  i was concerned she would think i was a bit "extreme" but i chose to obey.  {who cares what people think?} exactly six days later she called her voice filled with joy...he was scheduled for a pre-op exactly one week after we prayed in agreement!!  praise God!!

{since then, he's had the surgery and recovered nicely!!}

does that mean that i am special?  no way.  it means the Lord was wanting to do His will and needed a mouth to use.  i was that voice and i'm so glad i obeyed.  if i had not, the Lord would have moved on to someone else to pray but i love, love, love being used by HIM.

so...what are you going to do?  what if He asks you to go pray for someone who could be homeless? or someone held in high regard? what if He wants you to pay for someones groceries and tell them Jesus loves 'em?  what if He wants you to stand up and pray in front of a lot of people?  in a microphone no less.

choose today, right now, that you will obey.  that you will throw caution to the wind, not care one wit what people think and obey with wild abandon. our time is short.  the harvest is great but the laborers few.  

wild abandon friends.

John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.

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  1. great post, sometimes and most, this is the hardest thing to do is obey, He always stretches us in ways we didn't know we could bend.

    I just had a moment of calling upon the Lord in frantic terror and when you ask anything in Jesus name He comes!


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