Friday, July 26, 2013

my thwarted plan.

                       {he has lost more teeth since this picture:}

i wrote about trooper's ability to get the attention of almost any old man while we're out and about here.  it must be the camouflage, his toothless smile or the way he insists on opening the door for us girls.  whatever it is, the connection elderly men have with this kid is evident.  

case in point.

yesterday he and i were running errands while the girls were at music lessons. our friend who works at the post office let him choose three starbursts, one for each kiddo. he chose red, orange and yellow. with permission he scarfed the cherry flavor down.  he proceeded to put the other two in his pocket so he could give them to his sisters, this was discussed between us. do you see where this is going?

we hopped in the car and zoomed to wal-mart candy in pocket forgotten, or so i thought.  while pulling into the gas station i heard trooper say something and i didn't believe him at first, he loves to pull pranks.  "i ate one of the girls' pieces of candy..."  snicker, giggle...mischievous grin. 

i asked to see the candy wrapper. he fished it out of his camouflage pocket and sure enough the orange wrapper was empty.  i tried to suppress my laugh {his eyes were sparkling and the toothless grin would melt the toughest of hearts.}

i pumped the gas while contemplating what to do.  it may seem to be a little thing and some parent may overlook it {kids will be kids} but for me it was a chance to teach a lesson.  with disobedience comes a consequence.  now is the time to use teachable moments.  or so i thought.

i told trooper, "well, next time we go to the post office you'll just have to give your piece of candy to the sister who doesn't get one today...and, hand me the last piece of candy while you're at it."

we went to the post office again today.  my plan of action was working.  they each received a sucker.  {no, i don't let them eat all the sugar.}

as were were walking out i reminded him to hand over his sucker to scout. he obeyed and i sensed he was none too happy about it.

good.  lesson learned.   wrong!

as we were emerging from the post office a parked car honked...loud!  we all looked and a little old man {surprise} said, "come here, boy!" in a voice that left no room for  argument.  trooper looked at me with wide eyes and i nodded.  

he approached the car and the man {i am not kidding} handed my child, the one who i was trying to discipline, an entire bag of caramels!!!!!!!

i smiled and waved thinking all kinds of thoughts...

these old men and young boys, i'm telling you...they have a secret they are not telling me...they band together just in the nick of wouldn't surprise me if they have an underground "no mamas allowed" club.

"The young man know the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. Well just look at that smile. Enough said. B

  2. Perfect quote to end your story on!!! So cute, boys will be boys, no matter the age me thinks. Looking out for one another always, it What's a mother to do???


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