Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i personally think it's pretty neat boo bear learned to ride her bike in the mountains...right along the snake river. she hopped on her bike and never looked back!!

a pretty as a princess boo peddlin' a tricycle in our front yard.  as we tell people our story...our testimony...we can't help but miss the mountains.  they were truly remarkable.  they, or should i say, their Creator became a part of us.  a part that can not be defined by words.  He is truly great and i am humbled by His creation.  and, His love for us.  

and as we lived in the remote mountains for six or seven months...today i realized we saw almost everything in the following scripture...the whole earth praises Him.

"Praise the Lord from the earth,you great sea creatures and 
all ocean depths,lightning and hail, snow and clouds,stormy winds that do his bidding,you mountains and all hills,fruit trees and all cedars,wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds..."
Psalm 148: 7-10 

if you have never heard mountain winds while trying to sleep, seen a coyote chase a deer across a frozen river, watched an eagle make lazy circles from your porch, seen cattle grazing on "one thousand hills", experienced snow falling when it's warm or seen bear tracks where your cell phone doesn't work...just take it from me...He is big.  and we are not.

thank you Lord for that experience.  may we never lose what you taught us.  may we always remember that it is all about You and never about us.



  1. Oh thank you for posting this! I LOVE the mountains. They're such incredible reminders of Gods awesome power, and HIS glory! What an awesome God we serve. His creation is such a beautiful gift. I bet y'all really miss Idaho!!

    Love and miss y'all! Look forward to seeing y'all in October!


  2. love this post of the mountains! we are heading for the Rockies in 2 weeks... always breathtaking to realize how small we are compared to God's creation!! always feel closer to God up there.
    ^)^ linda

  3. Beautiful ~ thank you for the remind how Power and Great our God is. I love the mountains also.

  4. What a lovely post. I have certainly never lived in the mountains, but I have visited and they certainly do remind you that there is someone bigger than we are that created such glory. I also felt the same way the first time I stood at the top of Sleeping Bear Dunes and looked out over Lake Michigan. It was just before sunset, the sky was glowing pink and water was deep green/blue. I looked at my husband and said, "God lives here". I feel that way every time I go there.

  5. Beautiful. I love all of the photographs, and the scriptures coordinate beautifully. And this is exactly what I need today. He is big, we are not. Amen.

  6. I love the moutains we live in some smaller foothills now they are around 4000 feet but I love that we have a view of them all around us. And when we lived in Alaska that is when we would have all those experiences like you said. Although just the other night we had a huge 5 point buck in our yard out front. God must be pleased when we look at nature and think of him ~Heather

  7. that photo of her with a veil will make a pretty card!! esp when she truly becomes a bride to a special young man!


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