Thursday, June 20, 2013

the old and young...

scout's eyes grew wide as saucers as we entered the home.  it was beautifully decorated with a lifetime of treasures...a desk the homeowner's husband made when he was in highschool.  a secretary and lamps from thailand...they lived there once.  dolls, crystal and a mountain of pictures that all tell a story.

but, i think i'm getting ahead of myself..

one afternoon i hopped in the car to run a quick errand.  one street over from ours i saw a little old lady trying to drag her empty trash dumpster up her driveway.  it was stuck in a rut.  to my sadness none of the passing cars offered to stop and help so my car swiftly took me to her side.  i insisted on helping her.  she admitted that she had broken a hip and that she usually brought her neighbors in too.  i quickly gathered the neighbors as well because as i told her with a smile, "i have a feeling you are ornery like my grandma was.  the minute i leave you'll sneak out and put it i'll get it..." 

you may think it was a little overprotective of me but it's just that i can't help it.  i was raised around the elderly...taught to honor and respect them. my face turned red after reading an old bulletin after my grandma passed away.  it was from my grandpa's nursing home.  it said something like, "we were blessed with the cartwheels of _______, she really entertained us!"  oh, no...i did what?  but, i knew it meant the world to those sweet people. and now, it is my chance to teach my kids to do the same.

i soon came to find out my new friend is 94 years old, still drives and has a mind sharp as a tack.  seriously.

so, back to my story...

today the kids and i worked in the garden before the heat became too intense.  the girls harvested strawberries, peppers, lettuce and onions.  they were excited to meet our "new friend" and to take some garden goodies to her.

and as we sat there listening to her talk, i glanced at the kids.  trooper, in an old german anique chair and the girls in another antique seat and a couch with an assortment of pillows...i was so proud.

i was proud that they were listening with open ears, nodding their heads, answering an occasional question and smiling.  i realized the kids were getting a taste of honoring and respecting our elders.

our new friend played a song on her piano for us and scout did the same.  she took us on a tour of her home and she showed us her new bedspread she purchased at kohl's yesterday.  "Dear Lord" i prayed, "please let me be this mobile, healthy and stylish when i'm 94, if you should tarry..."

we saw her husband's army memorabilia and wedding pictures.  before leaving we prayed for her and she and i exchanged a hug.  it doesn't get any better than that.

and the kids well...upon asking them what they thought one piped up, "well...she sure talks a lot."

i couldn't help but chuckle.  i remember sitting on an uncomfortable couch watching a lava lamp wondering when on earth my grandma would be done visiting her friend.  "yes, my loves, the elderly love to reminisce, and there is much to be learned from them..."

my heart overflows. 
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  1. I'm with you....they have lived a little bit of life, and I always am saying, "I want to hear your story...." (this always makes them perk up, they want to be heard) and I want to give them the due attention they so deserve.

    Jim's aunt just passed away a couple of weeks ago. Even when she was much younger she always was so quiet, I always told Jim, I would LOVE to read her diary some day. I later heard that she did journal ALL OF THE TIME. I am sure she had to get it out somewhere. Anyway, yes, you are teaching your kids well in this department too.

  2. Loved this! Such a sweet lesson. I love the elderly and love ministering to those the Lord has lead us to in our church. They need us, and we need them.

  3. Oh your children are so blessed to have such a wise Motjer like you. Great lessons. Hug B

  4. I agree you are a wise wise mamma!! I hope I have someone around like you when I am old....:))) or older:)

  5. Beautiful! And exactly what the Lord has called us to...service for Him!


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