Friday, May 24, 2013

summer snapshots.

i took some quick snapshots of life with my phone.  from the shot above can you tell where we'll be heading soon?  that's right, the beach!  we're taking a road trip to florida!

this is one of our gardens.  the kids helped plant and we weed often.  we've already harvested broccoli, asparagus and strawberries.  the cabbage is almost ready!

my breath gets taken away by these little beauties...this was my grandma's favorite color.  isn't it interesting that a color can take you back...make you smell someone or taste pot roast?  or...feel hugged and loved.

and i couldn't help it...isn't she charming!?  i love her crown of green.

we're off to music lessons...

have a great weekend!!


  1. How pretty! We are going to Florid too! We have about 5 weeks to go and I can't wait!!

  2. Well, you know that I love Florida and the beach...that is my happy place, have a great time! I envy your garden. Since moving to this house we no longer have the space for a big garden, it is more of a landscaped yard. My flowers are pretty but my garden is in pots on the deck.

  3. I loved these pictures, Brooke! Thanks for sharing them. I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida! :)


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