Friday, May 31, 2013

simply delicious amish cooking: book review

we leave for florida in the morning so it seems fitting that i had the privilege to review this book.  it is full to the brim of recipes and stories...all Amish...and from the sunshine state! 

there is an Amish community in Sarasota, Florida. surprised?  from the looks of this coobook they have not strayed too far from their customary recipes.  the cookbook contains recipes for whoopie pies, macaroni and cheese and Shepherd's Pie...yum-o!

however, the Floridian Amish have added the essence of the sand and sun to their food by cooking shrimp scampi, sand dollar sugar cookies, key lime pie, smoothies and tons more to tempt your taste buds.

of course i'm alwasys thinking about health {you gotta have a sugary treat sometime though!} and the grilled lime fish fillets paired with the pinecraft winter salad is a winner!

the pictures in this book are amazing...i truly love to see the Amish in action.  the kids melt my heart.  the recipes are easy to follow with ingredients that you can find at your local store.  it's fun that each recipe has the person's name and locale printed under it.  the book is spiral bound and lays flat.  i do wish the cover was a little more sturdy.  

no doubt that i'm very happy to have this book join our other cookbooks! and a big thanks to booksneeze for a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review!


  1. Awww, you just got to Florida!?! We are leaving Florida today... Have a wonderful time!

  2. My parents (now my dad) live in Sarasota, so we have eaten often at Amish restaurants there...the food (the pie) is amazing. We also live about an hour from Amish country right here in Illinois...again, known for the food. This should be a great cookbook.

  3. Saw this book at WalMart the day after you posted this....looks fabulous!! Wonder if you'll let me copy some of them down? ;) Hope the Florida trip is a blessing from start to finish - but can't wait for you to get back with the stories!


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