Tuesday, May 21, 2013

please pray.

    {photo from yahoo}

i just can't wrap my brain around the damage...total neighborhoods, a hospital, two schools destroyed by a tornado in a matter of minutes?

as i sit in the comfort of my home safe with my children 1 1/2 hours from the damage, i'm reminded how precious life is.  and how it's so easy to take for granted.

there are families who are looking for their missing children and family members...families who have lost everything but the shirt on their backs. a popular family farm*was devastated.

it is just stuff, granted, but how does a child process the fact that one minute their home or school was there and the next it isn't?  how do they deal with the loss of their favorite toy or pet?

please pray for Oklahoma and every place that was touched by this destruction. 

as the storm rages on, i hope you have your "go bags" ready and a plan of action if need be.


  1. I am right there with you girl. We are 2 hours south away and it's just so heartbreaking, and 54 miles north of Granbury.:( My kids have asked to go up and help with the three day weekend coming up since we are close. We have our bags packed for today's storms coming and watching the radar and praying for all that have been hit and in the paths today as well. :( In a matter of minutes. :( Stay safe girl!!

  2. I've been watching and praying. I can't imagine the devastation. We are in the middle of the storms today.

  3. Oh Mountain Mama this truly breaks my heart and I am praying for those families. B

  4. Everyone has been asking about y'all since we heard about the storms in your state. So glad to hear that y'all are safe, and we are praying for all of the families affected.

    Please tell everyone we said "hello!" Hoping to see y'all soon~

    for the Whiddons

  5. It is heartbreaking. It is so, so sad for those who have lost their homes and all their belongings, but oh, how heartbreaking for those who've lost loved ones ... especially the children. Oh dear me :'(
    Praying for them all.

  6. I was watching CNN when they first spotted the storm and I couldn't tear my eyes away as it got larger, closer and eventually hit. The situation at the school was horrifying, as most of us could picture our own children or even ourselves doing the "move to the hallway and cover your head" drills. I am glad you weren't in the path and my heart just breaks for those who were. I heard a very young child interviewed and he started his sentence with "if my parents aren't dead..." and thankfully they were not but he hadn't found them yet. No child should have that feeling at such a young age.


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