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eat to live: to grain or not to grain?

here is the thing.  i can find articles where people will promise that grains are beneficial.  yet, other articles and experts proclaim they are damaging to health.  in fact, they say grains can be deadly.

so...who's right?

it is of utmost importance that we educate ourselves and pray about the decisions we make before just taking sides.  it can be dangerous to assume what we've been told is true...i'm thinking about the food pyramid for one.  i really believe there is more to grains and disease than what meets the eye.

there are many people in the nutrition field who stand against grains. is actually making sense to me.  

according to this* thought provoking article entitled "how grains are killing you slowly" the author shares her opinion on grain consumption which can lead to:

  • Various cancers including, drumroll please:pancreatic, colon, stomach and lymphoma
  • Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia
  • Allergies 
as a side note: the article above noted how long people have been eating grains.  i do not specifically believe the number of years but this post is about grains not the age of the earth*.

Doug Kauffman has a show {both tv and radio, i think} where he wholeheartedly believes fungus in our bodies can cause a host of problems, {many of the ones listed above}.  fungus feeds on yeast, corn, sugar, grain... here is his website: know the cause*. he has books on cancer, diabetes and cookbooks too.

and, then there is eating for your bloodtype.  i really thought this was just another fad or way to make a buck for a doctor but after years of playing around with our diets i am starting to believe there is some validity to the idea.  mountain man is more informed about it than me.

this theory explains why some foods effect us differently and what we should eat to be the healthiest we can be.  it is explained in detail here*.

{if this peaks your interest then i recommend purchasing a book..the little chart above just gives you a general idea but does not list everything.  there are foods that are "neutral" as well.}  here is the book we started out with:

for instance, i'm a type O blood.  we are to stay away from grains and focus on meats, fruits and veggies.  i know there is some truth to this because i can get down right ornery after eating grains, gluten in particular.  if not ornery, then my face turns red and i have to wonder what it is doing to the inside of my body?  and meat...i crave protein and feel wonderful after eating it.  mountain man who is a type A feels terrible after eating beef and of course, it's recommended he eat chicken instead.

if you or a family member suffers from diabetes, obesity, arthritis or other ailments i would strongly encourage you to cut grains out of their diet for a while and see what happens.  *disclaimer, i'm not a i really had to remind you.  but do you remember what happened with scout when she was two and gluten was taken off her plate?  a new kid!  and...she's a type O!

if one family member, say a child, needs to go grain free it can sometimes be easier for the entire family to do it right along...for support and ease on the head cook and bottle washer.

a great book that could help you along is the daniel fast cookbook.  daniel and his men in the bible fasted from the king's rich food {no grains, meat, sweets} and afterward they were stronger than then king's men {that sounds like a humpty dumpty rhyme or something.}  we've done the daniel fast and it went well, the kids even enjoyed it.  think lentil soup, veggie burgers with no buns, bean soup, stir fry's...yum!

and if that's not enough some people say we need to soak grains*before eating them!!  {this is where our sprouted bread comes in that my family eats i suppose!}

we personally try to eat gluten free unless it's ezekial bread.  we can include rice, spelt, amaranth, oats in our diet. it is customary for us to eat bun less burgers and hotdogs when we are at a cookout and just get used to people's questions.

                                                *picture source

what if you're eating out? salads, grilled chicken, soups, beans/rice etc. i would also say in case you don't know, white bread is damaging to your insides.  i've heard it said it's like glue to your intestines.  if you choose to include grains in your diet than whole grains are always best.  organic is important too.  some of my friends grind their own wheat, i recommend a hand mill instead of electric because power has been known to go out a time or two.  here* is an article entitled "the whiter the bread the quicker you're dead."  the title may {or may not } be a bit extreme but it gets the point across.

are grains controversial?   yes!  here* is another good article. look at the health of you and your family.  is everyone healthy?  is there often sickness?  does someone have a chronic condition?  are your children's eyes bright and happy or tired and dull?  do they crave bread {which is a sign of yeast overgrowth} and addiction to carbs?  i encourage you to google the dangers of grains and carbs on your own, don't just take my word for it.

i wish there was an easy answer but i think the answer will be different for every family.  educate yourself.  try new things.  pray! 

oh...and today, we received coupons in the mail for a&w root beer, arby's AND sonic.  sometimes i wish we still lived in the mountains where fast food was not a temptation! our goal as a family is to splurge once a week on fast food sometimes it's more if we have a busy week {we try to choose healthy options} and sometimes it's less when our favorite place catches on fire...ahem.

until next to live.

*any word with a * next to is a link to an interesting article. it does not mean i agree with everything on the website or even the article itself.  my goal is to get you thinking.  =)  love.


  1. I am SO getting that book and reading more! Jason is type A and I'm type O. It's funny but we've both been recommended to eat the way for each blood type.

  2. I have never heard of the blood type theroy, I will have to look more into that, thank you!!

  3. I liked your post it was great I am O type blood as well and protein definitely suits me for sure!! We have celiac in our house and we stay away from it all together. Unfortunately even the slightest bit makes us very sick so often we can't eat out even at peoples houses because we find that gluten free food at parties and bbq's often gets cross contaminated. I will have to check out that book thanks for sharing Love Heather

  4. Interesting discussion. We have always been healthy eaters (we love fruits and vegetables) but with added "bad" things. Since the first of the year, I have made a concentrated effort on what I'm eating and when I'm eating it. I do eat grains...but always go with the whole grain option (no white bread at our house). I've discovered quinoa which is a seed that tastes like a grain and it has become a favorite staple for us. I rarely eat red meat. I feel very sluggish after doing so and always gain a pound or two. I have found that balance is key for me. If I think I "can't" have something, I only want it more. I've just tried to watch portion control and fill my plate with things that come from nature and not from a box!

  5. :) That's one good thing about living here--the closest fast food is an hour away and off the highway so my kids never see it. Of course, it would be nice not to have to cook 36o/365 days a year...

  6. There are studies that suggest its the processing of the grains that is affecting people, not the whole grain itself. Whole grain is good - processing it the way the industrial system does is bad. Europe is already on the leading edge of this Because of the history of processing white flour in the USA -when it came to be that you could feed thousands with less and make more $$ if you separated the good stuff from the grain, and then supposedly added it back in to the flour form after processing- it this reason why we have celiac disease, gluten intolerance etc. during these last few generations. Although processing grain for flour has increased benefits around the world by feeding the impoverished with less, it comes as a price to their own body processing. But then their health system is not in place so its die of starvation or die from soiled water/food/air...Also, there was a study at the U of Wis about the grain processing issue that proved the theory that adding in stuff afterwards doesnt help

    So its already proven science that WHOLE grains in its entirety a health benefit - its the industrial processing that makes whole grains null, not the grain itself.

    so we either move to Europe, where they dont process like Americans, or you buy a grain mill and make your own! But trust me, the older you get, THE MORE YOU LOVE YOUR FIBER!!!! ;)

  7. This is fascinating....

    And GoWestFeralWoman's comment (above) is interesting regarding the processing being different over here in Europe. I do feel (and this is only a feeling, because I'm not well read on the subject) that a lot of our food problems come from the processing of it...

    As for fast food places ... ummm, what are they?!
    A x


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