Wednesday, May 15, 2013

blooming blessings.

{an almond tree blooming near the snake river in idaho.  planted by a miner from China, the story goes.}

i was sitting there minding my own business.  i looked out the window and spotted our old house.  the cute yellow one we lived in before our grand adventures started. 

and i noticed it..a huge beautiful tree blooming like i hadn't ever noticed.


it is huge.  right next to the house. 

and i never noticed.

i'm sure mountain man pointed it out a few times but it didn't get to my heart.  i missed the beauty of our tree for years.

as i looked upon the glorious sight i wondered...

when we are in the the midst of a trial or just in the middle of life...

how many blessings do we overlook?

we must step outside of ourselves for a minute, out the front door, if you will. sometimes we need a different perspecive.  

we must look at us the way God sees us. 

blessed.  favored.  joint heirs to the throne. victorious.

in the middle of the sticky-every-day of life...

there are blessings blooming above us.  around us.  

we are blessed.

breathe it in.


  1. How lovely. I think one of the reasons I love our trips to the ocean, or to the lakes and dunes in Michigan is that we are places where we are surrounded by nature and we can only see the blessings, take the time to reflect and truly feel how small we are and how magnificent life is. In daily life, chaos sometimes hides the simple things.

  2. Oh Brooke you are so insightful. I can see it too. Hug B

  3. I agree 100%. Sometimes a change of perspective changes so much more that what we see. Great post.

  4. wow.
    my hubby and I just had this conversation tonight after watching a video I had taken of the kiddos about 4 years ago...we need to cherish all the little things. With time and patience we can learn to see it all as blessings right!

    Lovely post.


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