Tuesday, April 9, 2013

signs, wonders and a baptist preacher by Chad Norris: book review

well, let's see.

signs and wonders happened in the bible all the time.  healings, people being raised from the dead...the supernatural.

so...why aren't they happening now?

oh...but they are!  Chad Norris opens up his heart and tells you what has happened when he started walking very closely with the Lord, in a way that has profoundly changed his life!  and this isn't just about baptists.

i remember sitting there in my grandma's sunday school class listening..."well, Jesus just isn't in the healing business anymore."  i knew they were wrong...but, i was merely a twenty year old with absolutely no experience with anything supernatural.  so... i sat there with my mouth shut and a fire in my belly.  that fire is still there and i'm seeing and hearing more and more about the supernatural.

we have some friends who are evangelists...they have seen amazing, amazing things in South Africa...

the united states needs more supernatural...and yes, i know some people will argue with me.  As Chad put it in his book, you can think he's crazy if you want.  but, he can not deny what is taking place.

This is a great quick read to build anyone's faith regarding healing, angels...  i really believe in the days to come we will be seeing a lot more of the supernatural.

it's not supposed to be weird, only normal when we walk in the authority that was given to us.


  1. I agree whole heartedly, and have had almost the same experience of hearing the same thing, but not believing it... I believe the Bible (word of God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow). Have you ever watched Sid Roth? He's one of our favorites.

  2. I forgot to add that the book looks good... I looked up his website, and liked it... I hadn't heard of him before.

  3. Very much something to think about...thank you!


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