Monday, April 15, 2013

not funny.

i knew there was trouble when i first saw my father-in-law...

for those of you who are our newest friends {readers} you may not know that i love a certain mexican fast food chain.  i rationalize it by eating their vegetarian burritos and black beans.'s still fast food. and i'm writing health blogs.  hey...i was raised on it, okay?  the salsa is practically in my blood.

well, as it turns out, life got a little more healthier for me over the weekend...

the restaurant we eat at the most burned.

i talked to an employee today and she said they are guessing it will be a year before it's open again so they can do a totally new rebuild.  A YEAR!!!

call it providence, irony, fate, happenstance or just plain cruel but it seems mountain mama will be eating more healthy in the coming days.

who's with me? 

btw, my father-in-law after seeing my shocked face said, "i know...what are you going to eat?"  

funny guy.  not so funny circumstance.


  1. Sorry for your loss....I hear ya!...We eat mexican food at home ALL.THE.TIME!
    The whole family loves it....remembering to soak those organic black beans overnight can be a challenge!....but if you get that done....there's a lot of room for creativity! ....even quite healthy creativity!

  2. haha! Divine intervention..kidding, but really- When seeing the picture and starting to read I figured it was going to end a lot worse, like they got shut down for not passing the standards for being clean or something like that

  3. Hahahaha Amanda, that is what I was thinking too. I was relieved actually to know this wasn't the case.

    I have my favorite spots too, oh, I am sorry....big sigh, thinking about what that would mean if mine went away. A year, ok, not bad. (smile)

  4. When I heard the news, I thought of you!


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