Thursday, April 18, 2013

is your go bag ready?


last night we found ourselves dripping wet in the cellar listening to the tornado sirens .  well, some of us were wet...others like mountain man had their raincoat and "go bag" on.  

when i hear the sirens my instinct is to run out the door with the kids.  we are thankful for last night because we were reminded of some things.  which led me to wonder if you, our friends, are ready in case of a natural or not so natural disaster?

now  is the time to prepare!  and i encourage you to involve the kids and grandkids.  they will feel empowered by the preparedness, more in control of the fear that could creep in. 

being part of our state's Medical Reserve Corp {MRC}* has taught us a lot about being prepared. just don't forget your "go bag" on the way out the door...

a "go bag"* is a bag {usually a backpack} you have packed with essentials that can be grabbed at a moments notice.  each of us has our own bag {the kids love organizing them!}  we have items such as emergency kits, ponchos, plastic silveware, flashlights, snacks, water and a change of clothes.  the adults have lighters, flares etc.  go bags can be purchased but it's my opinion that it's best to build your own to fit your needs.  but, if you don't have the time, by all means purchasing one is far better than being without. 

go bags can be grabbed at any time - road trips, fires, taken down to the cellar or closet, emergency room visits {snacks, change of clothes}, evacuations etc.

some of the great tips i learned at a meeting:

*copy your important papers such as birth certificates, marriage license, social security cards and put them in a safe place {vault, safe, parent's home}.

*write down phone numbers and put them in your wallet and go bag.  how many of us remember phone numbers if our phone should die?  especially when we are frazzled.

*during a disaster the phone lines get busy.  try sending texts to loved ones.  keep in short and to the point. "i'm ok. heading home" or "we are home safe."

*always, always put shoes on!  have them by your bed. 

*it is wise to have emergency items in each car and never let your gas tank get below half.  blankets, towels, food, water, flares, fire extinguisher, jumper cables...

*if you are home bound and need water, don't forget what's in your hot water tank.  also, the bathtub can be filled.

*if you or your family members take life sustaining medicine, make sure to pack some in your go bag.

*store clothes, blankets and towels in Ziplocs so they don't get wet {know this from experience.} 

last night in the cellar we realized we needed blankets stored in trash bags.  we had food, radio, cell phones, water, chairs and things in our go bags {mountain man's and scout's} that could be of use.  we also decided during a storm it would be wise to lay out raincoats, go bags and waterproof shoes {hello soggy house shoes!} by the door we'd be leaving by.

do you live in "tornado alley like us?"  maybe somewhere where floods can occur?  or maybe a state where earthquakes are common? 

fema* has information on their website on what to do to prepare for emergencies.  and there are many, many websites to help you get prepared and to purchase* things you may need.  the dollar store has many items that can go in go bags.  it's also wise to get your bags out twice a year {when you check your smoke detector batteries} to change out expired food, update information etc.}

what are your preparedness tips?


  1. I think it's time that I got our Go Bags ready!

  2. This is great. We do have an emergency car bag... full of many of these things, but this is really a great idea. We don't get tornados where we live (not to say anything can't change... they do), nor earthquakes , nor are we in flood zone; forest fires are a concern, and we do get some horrendous winds. Blizzards are definitely something we think about (thus our car "go bag")... but we do live in a day when things are not predictable, so I think I am going to talk to my hubby about putting ours together.

  3. Oh this is so scary to me we have never had anything like this but it can happen any where and I mean that anything can happen at any time. Wise advice. Thank you for reminding us,
    I am so glad you and your family are OK. Hug B

  4. Our region? Earthquakes- CHECK, floods- CHECK, tornadoes- CHECK. Yep we're prepared, Mr. C was born prepared. ;) I love that he thinks ahead and keeps emergency supplies ready at a moments notice, it is so very wise! He takes such good care of us!


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