Thursday, April 4, 2013

eat to live Part I "back to basics"

before i start i would like to reiterate that i am not an expert...just a regular mama with a passion for truth and knowledge.  it is my goal to make you hungry {pun intended} to do research, think before you purchase which will enable you to make better decisions that will affect you and your family.

there are a wide variety of websites and blogs that have said what i need to say so don't be surprised if i refer you to a link.  simply click on any word with an asterisk near it like this*. why re-do what has already be done unless it's to put things into my own weird way of explaining least i can understand myself...giggle.  

also, i was asked some very good questions that i will answer throughout these posts.

here we go.

we were created by God from the dirt.  we are organic beings.  God gave us dominion over the earth in Genesis {gardens, animals, plants etc.} to use for our benefit.  over the years, we have become a people of inventions, computers, short cuts and food.  modern inventions have drastically changed our lives...hello, running water and indoor toilets...i love you! see, our bodies are no different from when God created Adam and he chose to sin.  our bodies need the same unadulterated food as Adam and Eve in the garden.  our bodies crave food from the ground not a factory.  they are crying out for fruit from a tree not a laboratory.  we need herbs to help our bodies heal not drugs.  {yes, i believe God can heal through doctors.  i respect most doctors.  but, let's not run our kids to the doctor for every single sniffle..unless their immune systems are compromised or for other needs.}

Hippocrates said years ago, "let you food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."  food is that important.

have you ever accidentally put bad gas in your car? not a good thing.  what then, happens to our bodies over time when we don't give it the gas a.k.a food it needs?  a slow process of degeneration.  the body is amazing...God certainly knew what He was doing.  and our body compensates for a while...but over time you get an unhealthy generation of people.  i think we are already proof of that.

i have more to write in upcoming posts regarding shopping tips to save money, cooking from scratch, the dangers of sugar, natural body products, kids nutrition, vitamins, bread, dairy and lots more.  but, i'd like to start at what i feel is the basis of a healthy body and a healhy family.

mountain mama's list of back to basic steps to health

1. natural food. other words you may see are "raw", "organic", and "real". 

i will say here a little about reading labels...

can you say the ingredients? do you know what they are?  if not, don't buy or do a quick search on your smart phone.

here is an example of ingredients i'm referring to:


this is what kellog's nutrigrain bars in the apple cinammon flavor are comprised of.  and, they boast to be "healthy" with real fruit {there is a novel idea}, whole grains and fiber.  everything in blue is a red flag to me that it's not what i want my kids eating.  you must understand that because something is labeled as "healthy" or "natural" that there is a chance it is not.  or maybe one or two ingredients in the item is natural. 

here* is an article about MSG and citric acid.  i thought citric acid came from fruits?  google the dangers of any of the above ingredients that you are questionable about.  why did i highlight vitamins?  because vitamins should come from whole food substances not added by someone wearing white gloves.

i will say here that almost every typical breakfast bar and cereal purchased at your local grocery store is a no-no for myself and my family.  not good.  don't get me started on breakfast cereal marketed for kids.  parents: wake up!  that is not {healthy} food.  here is a picture of the healthy cereal aisle at our local wal-mart. it's about three feet across in diameter...sad, but true.  at least there are some healthy options available.

do some research about grains, gluten and where you and your family fit in.  we try to be a bread free family unless we eat sprouted Ezekiel bread {found at our local store's freezer!}  i may write more about the dangers of bread and gluten in the future.

confused?  it may help to browse your local health food store or whole foods to get a sense of healthy, natural, body and brain building foods.  read the labels.  i bet after you get familiar with some healthy brands you'll start seeing a few popping up at your local regular grocery store!  

i find these bars at wal-mart in the produce section.  they are about $1 a bar.  here are the ingredients:

sesame, peanuts, honey, raisins, almonds, sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds. you see the difference?  i know what my kids are ingesting!  i can pronounce everything.  of course, my mind goes one step further and asks... are they organic and non-gmo? 

well, for now that's the best i can do since i haven't made it to the health food store in quite a while.  i try to make the healthiest choices with what is available.

sorry, i got on a rabbit trail.  i'll talk more about shopping later.

2. water.  our bodies are made up of a lot water and we must replenish it with fresh.  divide your weight by two and that's the number of ounces you should drink in day.  yikes!  i do drink herbal tea and count that as some of my water intake.  don't forget kids need water too! 

i would suggest doing some research on water filtration.  the water coming from your tap is not ideal, to say the least. between flouride*, pesticides* and other people's medication* well, it's not a safe choice.

3. sunshine.  i have been convinced for a few years that to be at your utmost in health sunshine is vital.  that is why all the ads and articles for sunscreen irritate me.  it is my belief that every person, unless they have a condition that prevents it, should get atleast 15 minutes of sunshine every day.  without sunscreen. 

i was able to have a chat with a tulsa dermatologist and he confirmed this  suspicion:  for the most part it is not farmers ending up with skin cancer.  it is the people who frequent tanning beds...artificial light.

in fact, some people question the safety of sunscreen*...could they possibly cause cancer and other issues?  do some research and PRAY about it.  that is the good thing, we have the holy spirit's guidance in making all of these decisions.

do i put sunscreen on my kids when they play outside or even swim for a bit?  no.  do i lather them up when we are at the beach?  absolutely, with a natural sunscreen of course purchased on-line or at the health food store!  please note that the sun is more intense in other parts of the world...we are in oklahoma after all.

4. herbs.  back in the garden thousands of years ago, the Lord said we could use plants to our benefit.  that includes herbs.  they contain vitamins, minerals and other things {like that terminology?} that help our bodies heal themselves.  i will talk more on herbs later.

and my absolute least favorite:

5. exercise.  blah.  but, it is a must! at least get out and walk to increase your heart rate...three times a week or more.  now that i'm asking you to do this then i too must get my rear in gear...sigh. 

a lot of people think because i am on the small side that i am in shape.  nothing could be farther from the truth.  i was blessed with a fast metabolism.  however, it is on my heart to get more in shape.  we are to be Jesus' hands and feet on this earth and how can we do all He's called us to do if we get winded going up the flight of stairs at church? {we have a lot of stairs, okay?!:} 

and let's not forget how important it is to sweat.  i once read that a lack of sweating can cause our bodies to become "stagnant ponds."  ick!!  we must sweat to get rid of the toxic waste in our bodies and refuel with fresh water!  if you have access to a sauna even better!  just remember to drink a lot of water!

i hope i've given you some things to "chew" and pray on.  we must educate ourselves, pray and make the best decisions we can for our families.

until next time...

eat to live.  not, live to eat.

disclaimer: concerning the websites i've referenced...i have not read their entire sites so i can not support anything else they may report.  i merely chose their article to get my point across.  also, i'm not suggesting to never take your kid to the doctor.  that is not wise.  but, i think too much of a good thing can be harmful...antibiotics for one.  i'll talk more on that later :)


  1. Thank you! I try to do as much natural exercise as possible..I used to consider myself a "runner", I ran 2 half marathons and one full one- and after a few years of trial, error, and a LOT of reading, natural forms of exercise are the ones that can be continued throughout a an entire lifetime vs. a "working out" routine that a person tries to abide by. I think people put TOO much emphasis on exercise and not enough on food. I think I could start an entire blog on that basis, but that's for another time. I have looked into purchasing Ezekial bread, our store has it so I am going to pick some up next time. I am officially one week artificial sweetener free (tossed out the sugar free syrups) and I feel GREAT. Thank you also for the reference for the honeybar, I plan on looking for those as well- will save a lot of time from digging through the dozens of bars that claim to be healthy.

  2. Thank you Mountain Mama! I really believe this. It's hard to know where to start and trying to sift through all the junk at the store can be much of it isn't good for us. I'm looking forward to your posts on this and hope that I can make some healthy changes for my family. =)

  3. This is what we try to practice, too. Personally, I am aghast at what people consider normal or good for you food. Though I love and respect my parents, they consider margarine to be a better choice than butter. Oddly enough it sends our digestive tracts into turmoil every time we partake on a meal with them. For us, I may even lean a little longer than 15 minutes for my family during the winter months - less skin is exposed and we live further north with less direct sun light, but 15 is where we like to start. We are firm believers in getting kids and adults outside. Though I am no doctor I do think there may be something about healing with moderate sunlight exposure. PS - Love how you put it: "we are created by God from the dirt. we are organic beings." Well said!

  4. GREAT POST! While I agree with you, I live amongst a house of 3 guys that would have a FIT if I did a 360 with our food...let me establish that I'm NOT proud of the poor food choices I've made for my family over the years, but I am trying to make changes along the way. It's certainly not always easy. I am interested in why bread is bad...I totally look forward to your posts as always. I am thankful for your words of wisdom and sharing. I am trying hard to get away from so many processed foods...I cook a lot from scratch, but trying to do more. Making my own granola bars has been a start. I look forward to hearing more...thank you for sharing!


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