Monday, April 1, 2013

april 1st.

today, april fool's day, would have been my grandma's 91st birthday.  to say her family misses her is an enormous understatement.  words do not do justice describing how she impacted our lives and the love we feel for her. 

she was quite the woman.  ending up on the front page of the newspaper or onstage dancing with a feather boa.  she never sought attention...but attention always found her.

she was fun, patient, loving, kind and never ever spoke a harsh word against anyone.  seriously.  her pot roast was the best after a sunday church service.

i was lying next to her on the hospital bed set up in her living room.  wow, not the end i was expecting for her.  she was supposed to be alive to help me raise my babies.  but, since when did life goes as {i} planned?

i was laying there, she couldn't talk but she didn't need to.  there was so much love and understanding passing between us.  she loved her life on this earth...loved her family, friends, memories...but she was ready to go home.

it may sound odd but releasing her from this life to move on to the next {which hospice recommended we do verbally with her} was not hard.  i did not want her to suffer one more day in this fallen world.  yet, her slipping from this life to the next meant life on this earth without her for us.  

how could that be done?

we've managed...keeping her memory alive by talking and reminiscing about her.  scheduling family events just as she had wanted.

but, it's not the end.  she is with our Creator and we'll be there soon.  not soon enough for me...i might add.  it makes it so much easier to let go of one who is loved when you know where they are spending eternity. but, miss her we do.  all of us.

so, in the spirit of everything my grandma believed in, loved and stood for i end this post in her words:

"I belive my life was full of experience, joy, love and accomplishment; that my own immortality will reside in the memories of loved one left behind."

and that it does.


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