Monday, April 8, 2013

an anne of green gables tea party...

the girls' friend turned eight years old a few days ago.  and sometimes, something is just worth going all out for.  they were ecstatic to put their tea clothes on {seen above in the header} and attend "An Anne of Green Gables Tea Party." 

to make it even fancier, my friend {mama of birthday girl} is from brazil so she has the most beautiful accent.  i often ask her to say my name just so i can hear it.  she said to the girls, "the mamas are here to serve you today!" and the squeals followed!!  

they had fancy dessets, brazilian food, raspberry cordial, a three legged race with braided hair and they got to paint their own green gables.

what a wonderful way to celebrate something and someone special!  in fact, the birthday girl said to us moms, "i would recommend you reading books to your girls like anne of green gables and little's really fun!"  and i couldn't agree more! 

happy birthday!!


  1. Ah! Soooo fun!
    That's just our 'cup o'tea'!

  2. What fun!! We just to do this lots when the grandkids were little!!

  3. How fun! I love that you get to bring out the 'pretty' in those girls.

  4. Oh what a wonderful party! Ann of Green Gables was my favorite and a dream of mine is to one day to to PE looked perfect!!Have a great day!!

  5. How fun!! And such a beautiful way to celebrate!!


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