Saturday, April 6, 2013

a spring interview with scout.

my baby is ten years old.  i just can't believe it!  her mind and heart are growing by leaps and bounds!  she is a quick learner and hard worker.  she loves taking care of her rabbits and she enjoys playing the piano.  she is learning to knit and cook. she loves to make people laugh and is an amazing big sister.  we recently worked on a big project together and i felt honored she included me...laying the foundation for a great mother/daughter relationship when she's in her teens...gasp!  we love to talk about everything listening to each others ideas.  we are blessed with these kids.

1. how old are you?  ten
2. how is {home} school going?  medium
3. what if your favorite thing about school?  reading
4. what if your least favorite things about school?  division
5. what do you think God's going to use you for?  be a good vet to animals
6. what do you think the one thing everyone in the world needs?  Jesus
7.  what if your favorite game?  apples to apples
8.  color?  blue
9.  food?  green bean casserole
10.  character real or fiction we've read about?  annie oakley
11.  what if your favorite book/books?  circle c adventures*
12. what foods do you dislike? brussel sprouts, bean soup, sauted carrots and broccoli.
13. how many kids do you want one day, Lord willing?  four...twins.
14.  do you like to see mama and daddy kiss?  eeewwww...


  1. What a sweet heart! I LOVE the picture of all 3 your kiddos. They are so adorable!

  2. Cute Picture!! children are such a blessing!! Enjoy them they grow up quick my oldest turns 17 this year :O ~Love Heather

  3. Oh. Scout is growing to be a remarkable young woman like her Mom. Happy Birthday Scout. B

  4. Would that be her Aunt H's gb casserole? ; )


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