Monday, April 22, 2013

a dream so big by steve peifer: book review

there was this guy.  steve peifer is his name. he'll tell you he's not very cool.  he worked in the IT field, was very sarcastic and told his new bride that he would never, ever, ever go to Africa. period.

after two sons they had another son later in life...this little guy lived just a few short days.  and, he just happened to change their world and the world of thousands of children in africa.

the Lord used this family's grief and turned it into miracle after miracle.  starting with, getting Steve to africa.  no one knows just how far reaching the effects will be but i will say they are feeding thousands of kids per month who were once starving.  they are teaching kids computer skills that will help break the cycle of poverty.  they are making a difference.

and...he never wanted to go to africa!  never say never...right?

"One reason I came here was to see Africa.  But Africa makes me see myself - as I really am.  It's not a pretty picture."

"Everyday life is an adventure.  And these folks are in the enviable position of knowing they need to trust God daily for things we all really need God for, but often do not recognize that we do."

this book will make you laugh with the way the author sees life and converts his experiences into words. this book will also make you cry due to poignant descriptions of starving kids and utterly horrendous conditions in orphanages.

this book is encouraging, uplifting and heartbreaking, hard to read not only because of the devastation in africa but also because of peifer's sarcasm {which i usually can appreciate}.  after a speaker challenged the students and staff in where peifer works to search their hearts for people they had issues with, "...several students came up to me in so many words that they had never like me and felt like they needed to apologize and ask my forgiveness.  The reasons they gave were my insensitivity and sarcasm." and "Humor has been a big part of my modus operandi for as long as i can remember.  but i really was convicted by the realization that i can use humor in so many wrong ways - out of habit, as a weapon, as a self-protective shield to hide behind, and as easy way to relate to people instead of really relating to people.  humor has it's place, and i don't want to be boring.  but there needs to be a balance."  well said. it is hard to admit when you need to change, especially to the world in book form, so i applaud him.   

oh...and did i mention he was kissed on the cheek by tyra banks only to step on her dress?  yes, you never know where you'll end up when the Lord writes the story!  this is a great book, a great that isn't done yet!!

"What is special is finding out what God has called you to, and doing it.  Which means there is a special story in all of us that needs to be sought out and given a forum."


God is big...and wants to do big things through all of us!

thank you so much booksneeze for a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion!



  1. So glad to read this review! The book sounds incredible and I actually have it in my to read and review pile. What really caught my eye was the nevers! I think maybe I've said a few too I could relate all too well :-)

  2. Thanks so much! (Said non-sarcastically)

  3. Wow! What a book. Sounds like a must-read!

  4. It sounds good. I just saw a movie about some women who used their grief to make a difference in the lives of children dying of malaria. It made me feel so worthless and that I should and could be making some contribution that I haven't discovered yet. I don't want to be inspired by grief, but I certainly wouldn't mind having a new passion that helps others appear to me.


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