Saturday, March 9, 2013

road trip!

                 {the actual pulling unit mounain man and his grandpa used!}

last weekend we had a road trip...hopped in the car and headed north ending in up in kansas!  along the way, mountain man reminisced about spending time with his grandpa checking oil wells.  sure, things have changed since then but some things are still the same.  we saw not only where my husband ate ice cream with his grandpa but where mountain man learned to drive...and stop.

the story goes...the truck didn't have brakes so mountain man had to get out of the truck while his grandpa drove down a steep hill...and if things started looking bad for the driver mountain man had to throw a railroad tie under the tires to stop the truck!   wow, and i thought i had it bad "avoning" with my grandma...ever wait while a group of cute little old ladies visit, drink coffee and chat only to remember after an hour they were supposed to be choosing items from the catalog?  sigh...but, i loved it.  i learned to respect my elders. 

anyway, now that i gave you too much information...we loved hearing the stories and taking a few pictures.  the rust just adds to the appeal in my humble opinion.  

we also ate at a diner that my husband frequented as a young oil guy.  it's the kind of place when you walk in everyone sitting at the counter turns and looks at you.  the back of the waitress's shirts said, "Gravy Over All."  i could feel my arteries clogging just at the thought.  surely, i thought...that doesn't mean what i think it means.  sure enough, i heard a regular order a burger with fries..."oh, and...gravy over all!"  oh, dear.  i ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and swiped some fries from the kiddos...yum!

we also made time for "junkin".  my personal favorite find was a vintage vagabond cooler mountain man scored....perfect for future family road trips!

over the week we've also been to our local historical museum which was very cool {makes it really fun when you know people in the pictures!} and we were blessed with tickets from a friend to see "Peter Pan" with cathy rigby.

and we're gearing up for our next couple of day trips...will keep you posted!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to hear about the next adventures!!!

  2. It sounds as though there were lots of 'interesting' adventures with that truck of your Grandad's! Have a happy week!

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  4. Sounds like a great day and I always order the grilled chicken sandwich and sneak my kid's fries. lol

  5. What fun!! Love those old stories!!!

  6. I love your word, "junkin" Lol! Very nice vintage cooler.


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