Friday, March 1, 2013

kindred spirits.

our kids get a fair amount of attention when we're out and about on schooldays.  not just because they are cute {hey, i'm not biased :} but because they are homeschooled. they could easily be the only kids in a restaurant, at the post office or even at the library.

and i've watched.  i've watched cute little old men's eyes light up at the sight of trooper.  whether he is sporting his cowboy boots on the wrong feet, entirely dressed in camo or wearing his coonskin hat with his powder horn draped around his shoulder it makes no difference.  

for a brief moment, those old men relive their antics and boyhood tricks. i can see it.  the sparkle in their eye...the hint of a smirk on their lips.  they usually always say something like, "howdy partner...been huntin'?" or "wow...that's a fine hat yer wearin'..."

these old men do something to my heart and put a smile on my face.  i not only respect them but it gives me peace to know they lived to be old!  sometimes i wonder what in the world boys could possibly be thinking to do some of the things they do!  i once read that a mom spends most of her waking and non-waking hours just trying to keep her sons safe...and i believe it!

and i know, it would be an injustice to those old men if i were to be too hard on trooper when he...

*digs holes in the backyard - watch your step!
*places a plastic scorpion in the dryer to scare me
*makes up jokes about poop and pee.  at the dinner table. seriously, i do have to draw the line somewhere.
*hides his sister's things.  or just says he does.  i'm not sure if he does or doesn't but it gets them riled nonetheless.
*stands on the arm of the rocking recliner like he's surfing.
*thinks his bodily noises are beyond hilarious
*honks the car horn to scare me, his sisters, the UPS driver and his papa all in one fair swoop. {the UPS driver was still laughing as he drove away!}
*stopped mid-air while sneaking a drink of my blue sky soda pop..."who me...i'm not doing anything mama..."
*hides around corners to scare us {you scream like a little girl sissy...she is a little girl!}
*and his recent lisp due to being a snaggletooth keeps me laughing all day long. 

{maybe it's wonder mamas live to be old!}

these are all part of being a healthy, happy boy.  it would be detrimental to his development to be too hard on him for such things.  and it would totally disappoint each and every kindred spirit trooper has made friends with.

i just better make sure these cute innocent looking grandpas don't give him any ideas while i'm not looking!  i can see ornery written all over them!


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  3. Having a little boy is so much fun! I'm so glad that God gave me one too. =)

  4. Love this post. How precious to allow a little boy to be just that... to enjoy his antics...I raised three girls but my first Grandchild was a boy...and now we have three boy Grands... Love to watch them...they never stop. Blessings!

  5. I LOVE having boys. I never thought I could learn so much from them;))

  6. Oh my Mom had 6 boys which means I had 6 brothers I understand this one. Boys will be boys. He is going to be an incredible MAN because his Mom loves him. B

  7. Beautiful post! I love the old folks round here who talk to our kids too. They inspire in so many ways. Trooper is a cutie indeed! His antics crack me up and are almost identical to Jack's. Wish we could get them together to play. So happy to learn that you are safely moved and snug in your new home. I pray it will hold many wonderful memories and yet that the key you received at Christmas might also lead you to another house of your own very soon!

  8. love love love this insight into a world that I grew up in with two brothers, but miss because I have two girls...


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